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Eight Things Your SEO Company Should Be Doing for You


If every company and service were the same, the world would be a pretty standard place. The truth is that no entity offers the same level of service or utilizes the same process. This is a wonderful give and get scenario that bleeds the very lifeblood into capitalism. If you have a better product or service that’s more refined, you can indeed reap the rewards for your innovations. This very same nomenclature also applies to the SEO company that you choose. Learn about eight underlying superlatives that the best of the best should offer to you.

SEO Audit
In order to truly know what your needs are and where you stand, an SEO firm needs to evaluate your situation and position. This process is called an SEO audit. It enables them to determine what rank you are sitting at and what needs to be done to increase your rankings and traffic.

In-Depth Consultation
Your business should matter. The only way that an SEO firm is going to be able to accommodate your needs is by learning more about them. This process should involve an in-depth SEO consultation that allows the firm to better indentify your unique requirements.

Onsite Optimization
How your website is designed, and how the content sits and reads, is imperative to SEO functions. A good SEO firm will carefully analyze your website and make progressive changes to it that will ultimately serve to positively impact your traffic as well as your rankings.

Content Generation
Google and the other search engines crave quality content. The SEO firm should be able to assess your current content and revamp it (if necessary). Only premium quality content will do the trick when trying to attract more traffic and to rank higher in the search engine results.

Link Building
The building of back links that help increase your position on Google is critical to you seeing success with SEO. But not all links are good, and more is not necessarily better. A defined plan of action to build quality links should be put into place to help you meet your marketing goals online.

Social Signals
Social media plays a powerful role in SEO today. Social signals help the search engines better rank sites that are more popular and useful to users. An SEO firm is also tasked with helping you gain more social chatter and with improving and expanding your social circle online. Social media is a powerful tool, and with more than 1,000 social media websites in existence, it’s easy to understand how it plays an incremental role in traffic driving and in SEO.

Public Relations
Online PR is a big part of SEO, marketing and credibility, and also plays a strong role in maintaining and in enhancing your reputation online. An experienced SEO company is aware of this—and will diligently work to procure lasting news releases and news exposure that serve to not only enhance your brand and increase your credibility, but that also serve to help drive more traffic and back links to your website.

Eight Things Your SEO Company Should Be Doing for You
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