News Electra-Ride Elite – A safe, durable Outdoor Stair lift

Electra-Ride Elite – A safe, durable Outdoor Stair lift


Often, older adults with mobility issues are forced to spend most of their time inside their home as going outdoors would require them to negotiate a steep flight of stairs or driveway. An outdoor stair lift is an ideal option in this scenario as it removes the barriers posed by ramps, porches and garden or garage steps. Leading manufacturers offer innovative models of stair chair lifts integrated with advanced features and technical specifications for outdoor applications. Bruno’s Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stairlift is a one such model. It offers a smooth, safe ride over a flight of straight stairs. Featuring a honeycomb rail design for enhanced stability, this device is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and can safely take you from the front door to the sidewalk or the cabin door to the boathouse.

User-friendly Straight Stairlift

The straight stair lift comes with an innovative weather-resistant cover that keeps the unit safe from the elements even when it is not in use. Featuring a total load capacity of 400 lbs, this lift can be easily installed on either side of the staircase.

The Electra-Ride Elite features footrest and carriage sensors that instantly stop the unit if it encounters any obstruction on the stairs. It can withstand weather temperatures of 0ºF to 125ºF (-15ºC to 52ºC). Generous seat size with adjustable width arm rests and multiple seat heights provide maximum convenience. Some of the other features of this lift include –

• Visual diagnostics for instant unit status
• Vertical, straight rail that installs to 7 in (178 mm) of the wall
• Self-locking worm gear; rack-and-pinion drive
• Seat cushions made from exterior marine-grade vinyl
• Remarkable stability through improved clamping and rail design
• Onboard audio and visual diagnostics for more precise service
• Fully extendable lightweight cover
• Clean and simple installation with two wireless call/send controls
• Arms, seat and footrest flip up (allowing other user’s unrestricted access the stairs)
• Adjustable armrest width

Featuring a retractable seat-belt, this lift provides maximum user safety. Offset swivel seat facilitates easy entry and exit at the top landing. A vertical, straight rail that installs to within inches from the edge of the staircase allows other people to conveniently use the stairs without any issues.

Users do not have to worry about power outages. This reliable stair lift comes with two 12-volt batteries that are continuously powered from any household outlet provide dependable performance, even when the power fails.

Reliable Elevator and Lift Company for Purchase

It is important to purchase Bruno Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stairlift from a reliable established supplier. Reliable suppliers would have a showroom of working models of the accessibility equipment they supply, allowing customers to try out various options before they make their choice. Moreover, an established supplier would provide efficient post -sales support that includes quick, hassle-free installation as well as inspection, repair and maintenance services.

Electra-Ride Elite – A safe, durable Outdoor Stair lift
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