Electra-Ride – Ideal Stairlift to Negotiate Outdoor Stairs

Often, older adults and people with mobility issues find it difficult to negotiate the stairs outside their home. Residential outdoor stair lifts are the answer to this problem. They resolve the challenges posed by porches, garage, garden steps, sun decks or basement steps, allowing users to access the outdoors safely and conveniently. Leading elevator companies offer innovative models of outdoor stair lifts from leading manufacturers. The Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stairlift from Bruno is a top-class model that provides all-weather access to the front door, deck or other exterior accessibility need.

Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stair lift – Innovative Features

Though designed for outdoor use, this system is equipped with all the major features of an indoor stair chair lift. This user-friendly lift can be easily operated even by those with mobility issues. It is also built to resist harsh weather conditions and comes with weather – resistant cover that travels with the chair, allowing easy on/off operation and protection from the elements when not in use.

With improved clamping and honeycomb rail design for enhanced stability, this outdoor lift can be installed on either side of the stairway. An offset swivel seat facilitates safe and easy entry and exit at the top landing. Weather-resistant construction including durable, powder coat outdoor paint protects all aluminum and steel surfaces.

The accessibility device also comes with several safety features. A retractable seat belt ensures user security. Footrest and carriage safety sensors instantly stop operation if any obstruction is detected in the path of the lift. Arm-, seat- and footrest flip-up allow other users’ unrestricted access to the stairs. Some of the other key features and technical specifications of this device are:

• Visual diagnostics for instant unit status
• 400 lb rider weight capacity
• Ability to withstand weather temperatures of 0ºF to 125ºF (-15ºC to 52ºC)
• Adjustable armrest width
• Charging-station indicator lights at the top and bottom of the stairway
• Fully extendable lightweight cover
• Generous seat size with adjustable width arm rests and multiple seat heights
• Onboard audio and visual diagnostics for more precise service
• Seat cushions made from exterior marine-grade vinyl
• Self-locking worm gear; rack-and-pinion drive
• Separate fabric cover to protect the drive controller from water, dirt and debris
• Two 12-volt batteries (provide dependable performance, even during power outages)
• Vertical, straight rail that installs to 7 inches to within inches from the edge of the staircase
• Two wireless call/send controls

Purchase from a Reliable Dealer

Locate a reliable and established dealer that can supply the Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stair lift and install it for you. Partnering with an established dealer will offer the advantages of timely and efficient post-sales support including inspection, maintenance, and repair services.