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Electric Burden Carrier Carts for Transporting Warehouse Stock and Personnel

Electric burden carrier carts are a great choice for transporting warehouse stock and personnel. Known for their versatility, they are also capable of optional configurations. Electric burden carrier carts are often rated on 4 things, their load capacity, their towing capacity, their run time, and the number of people that they ‘re rated for or their people capacity. The fact that electric burden carriers use electrical power is another important factor that makes them more relevant as America moves toward clean energy resources. These factors have made electrical burden carriers industry standards for transporting warehouse stock and personnel.


Load Capacity

Performance is king when it comes to electrical burden carriers. With load capacities into the thousands of pounds, electrical burden carriers are capable of delivering large orders to and from warehouses. A properly sized electrical burden carrier cart makes loading and transporting stock a quick task that can be done with very little manpower. This is why these vehicles are also known as stockchasers.

Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of burden carrier carts is another feature that makes them valuable tools for plant managers. Other than price, towing capacity is probably the most important consideration for a person considering purchasing an electrical utility vehicle like this. Depending on the particular unit, some electrical carrier carts are capable of towing loads of several tons. The ability to tow adds to a carts load capacity the way a trailer adds to a pickups load capacity. 


These low speed utility vehicles have to hold up under heavy workloads and overcome unclean industrial environments. To this end, they’re manufactured with unitized bodies made from heavy gauge steel. Automotive differentials add strength and reliability to help these task oriented vehicles be perfect solutions for many industrial and commercial applications.

Run time

The run time or the amount of time an electric utility cart runs after a full charge is a key factor when it comes to selecting this type of vehicle. For, example one major manufacturer offers carriers in 24, 36, and 48-volt variations. There are five run time requirements that you should consider when selecting a burden carrier.

1. Will your cart be used consistently or infrequently?
2. Will it be used on multiple shifts?
3. Is there time for conventional charging?
4. Do you need a portable battery pack?
5. Would an industrial battery that can take a rapid charge better suit your needs?

People Capacity

As important as load run time, and towing capacity are for electrical burden carts, so is their capacity to carry people. Their ability to carry several people compliments their high load and towing capacities. Using electrical burden carriers to move people and stock from point “A” to point “B” quickly and safely adds to the efficiency of any operation. Units can be configured for a standing or seated operator.


Electric burden carriers meet a wide range of industrial stock and personnel transportation needs. They work well in a wide range of diverse settings and can be tailored to an operators training and skill. But the key to the best electric burden carrier for warehouse stock and personnel transport is the load, people and towing capacity, and run time

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