Electric Mowers v’s Gas Mowers – Which is the easiest is to use?

If you’re looking for brand-new lawnmower to cut your grass and maintain your yard, it is hard to know exactly what to buy. Whether a piece of lawn equipment is easier difficult to use can be quite subjective.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of electric mowers versus gas lawnmowers as far as ease-of-use, storage, convenience, speed and which will cause the least physical exertion.

Starting and Operating the lawnmower

So as far as learning to control and operate your grass cutting machine, generally the electric are easier to use. Often it is just a case of plugging the electric mower into an outlet, and either turning a key or pushing a button to start the mower working. You walk behind it and push it while the blades turn and cut your grass.

The gas engine can take a little more to get started than the electric because the carburetor needs to be primed. If you are using a pull cord to start the mower that is about as much exertion is any lawn equipment will give you. If you can find a button-primed gasoline lawnmower, you will find starting becomes much easier.

Convenience in a Mower

If you’re looking for lawn equipment that you can just plug in and start using, electric is more straightforward. Battery-powered lawnmowers are even more convenient, when you consider that there is no electrical cord to avoid when mowing. Having a second already charged mower battery is imperative when it comes to cutting a small to medium sized lawn with a battery-powered mower. Convenience can also be an argument for not having a gasoline motor that requires tuneups, oil filters and spark plug replacement and service annually. The electric mowers just require blade sharpening.

For a speedy, powerful grass cutting experience, gas lawnmowers will outperform electric every time. With the increased power, torque and weight, you will find a gas lawnmower will cut overgrown, thick and damp grass a lot faster and without clogging the machine. This means there will be less time for you to be stopped trying to clean out the the blades and carriage, so you can get the mowing job done more quickly. Gas powered lawn equipment also does a superior job of mulching and bagging, giving a nice neat mowing result and a convenient means of getting rid of the grass clippings.

Storage of the Lawn-mowing Machine

If you have a nice large garage, shop, shed or barn to store your power grass cutting equipment, this is not really a consideration. If you have a tiny garden shed with a small garden to maintain, you may find that having a small electric power mower with a folding handle is great. Some electric lawn mowers can be hung from a hook, taking up zero floor-space in your shed between cuttings.

For those who have a really large yard, obviously a riding lawn tractor may be an even better option, and then just self-propelled or push mower. Again indoor secure storage is important to protect your investment and should be taken into account when lawnmower shopping.

Lawnmowers for that reduce physical exertion

The most convenient and easiest to use lawn tractors are the gas powered riding mowers. The operator or homeowner sits on the tractor while it cut the grass. These are a wonderful, though expensive option, but truly make lawn cutting fun and a breeze! If you are seriously looking at one, read these tips on buying a riding mower.

Generally regular gas powered lawnmowers are heavier and less convenient to use if you are not as strong as you used to be. Manufacturers have tried to address this by creating a self-propelled lawnmower rather than one you physically push to cut the grass. Certainly a self-propelled much gas mower would be preferable to a push gas mower given the choice.

Electric mowers are very light to handle and get to your lawn but also to maneuver while cutting the grass. This makes them ideal for small yards and people that do not have as much as physical strength.

If you’re ready to start shopping for your new mower, read on.

I hope this has given you some insight into the easiest to use lawnmowers, when time is limited, you certainly want to weigh up your options as to which is the most efficient for your lawn cutting needs.

It is tricky to find one piece of equipment that will be perfect for every situation, but if you know what factors are most important to you, whether it be lack of physical strength, small budget,small yard, technically not inclined, or wanting something that is fast and efficient to use, it will help you buy the right mower first time.

If you want to see some of the top-rated best-selling gas and electric lawnmowers in the under $200-$500 range there is a great selection here with tips on selection.