Electric Pocket Bikes Under 200 Dollars

Electric pocket bikes under 200 dollars can be found and bought with the right amount of determination and luck. It also helps to know where to look. First, try visiting local motorcycle or automobile shops in your neighborhood. If they don’t sell electric pocket bikes, you can always ask them where to find some. These people in the industry will guide you on to the right path. The reason why electric pocket bikes are difficult to find is the fact that they’re not manufactured on a wide scale. They are also illegal to ride on most public roads and are considered toys, not motorized vehicles. However, just because it is labeled as a toy doesn’t mean it’s safe. An electric pocket bike can be very dangerous if you ride one without the proper protective gear and experience. They can be great fun if they are driven with care and caution. Below, I will provide you some tips on how to find electric pocket bikes under 200 dollars online.

Electric Mini Bikes Under 200 Dollars – Cheap and Used

electric pocket bikes for saleCraigslist:

My go to site to look for cheap electric pocket bikes is Craigslist. There are a whole bunch of people selling their items on this site and a lot of them come at bargain rates. It does take some time to peruse through all the listings, but if you keep at it, you’ll eventually be able to find a nice cheap mini bike for sale. I’ve bought two from this site at under 200 dollars and they are still running smoothly even after a year. Never send money over the Internet when using Craigslist. Make sure to meet the seller and test drive the mini bike before handing over the money.


I’ve also used eBay to successfully purchase electric pocket bikes, but it is much more difficult to find one at this price range. You’ll have to continuously check every day to see if anyone has placed a new listing. I recently purchased a used Raptor mini bike for 180 dollars. It required a few minor repairs, but it now runs smoothly and I am completely satisfied with the purchase. When using eBay, make sure to check the seller’s ratings and how many items he/she has sold in the past. This will give you a good gauge on which seller’s to trust and which ones to avoid.

Online Dealers:

If you search for the term, electric pocket bikes, you’ll get a slew of results. You will find that a lot of the sites are dedicated to helping you find the best mini bikes. New ones will probably cost you anywhere from 250 to 700 dollars. This is the typical price range for new mini bikes, but used ones will cost considerably less. Keep in mind that when you buy used pocket bikes, they will most likely have scratches, dents and dust on the surface. Some may require minor repairs and replacements of certain parts. When looking at online dealer sites, always make sure to see if they provide contact information like a phone number or email address. It also helps to see if the site has testimonials from other customers. Call them up before ordering to make sure that they’re legitimate.

If you follow the tips in this article, you should have no problem finding cheap electric mini bikes under 200 dollars.