Electric Razor Cleaning

Electric razors offer a great measure of convenience when removing unwanted or excess body hair. Once you start shaving with an electric razor, you will never turn back to the days of lathering your face with shaving soap or shaving cream and dragging a sharp razor across your skin. Too many times the nicks and cuts left you looking like you just lost a bar fight. Not to mention, it is not very attractive to step out of your bathroom with tiny bits and pieces of toilet paper stuck to your face, forgetting and going to work looking like that. Shaving with a standard razor is difficult for many because of a heavy growth of hair or smoothly gliding over the many contours of your face. Some men who have a five o’clock shadow at two o’clock in the afternoon appreciate the ease of stepping in front of the mirror and shaving away the shadow.

Cleaning The Shaver
After much hair removal, your electric shaver gets clogged with bits of hair and dust and dead skin cells and doesn’t do the job very well any longer. If you are like most people, the last time you saw the cleaning brush that came with the razor was, hmm… when was the last time you saw that tiny brush? Was there a brush? There probably was a cleaning brush, but they are so tiny that they are easy to lose. Don’t worry, you can clean the shaver without the original brush.

Cleaning the Screen
Carefully remove the shaving head, most razors have a removable head that exposes the screen. Check under the head, your cleaning brush may have hidden itself there in its own compartment. If you’ve located the missing brush, brush the screen gently and carefully to avoid damaging it. If you still haven’t found the brush, buy a soft bristle toddler’s toothbrush and lightly brush away dead skin, dust and bits of stubble. Grab a can of compressed air and insert the straw into the nozzle. Aim the straw at the screen and give the screen a few blasts of air to blow the debris out.

Cleaning the Blades
Take the screen off to uncover the blades. Brush the blades to remove dust, powder and other debris. Give the blades a shot of compressed away to blow the junk and gunk out.
Dip a Q-Tip into isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the blades to remove any type of stuck on residue from shaving powders and skin oils.
Put the screen back on and pop the head back in place. Your razor will be mowing away your hair just like when it was new.