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Electric Vehicles – The Ultimate Solution for Increasing Petrol Prices

Petrol reserves across the globe are soon depleting because of limited supply. So it is time for the human race to switch over to a new breed of automobiles like EVs(Electric Vehicles) ultimately these vehicles will ease all tensions related to surging petrol prices. On the other hand fuel is the heart of every vehicle. Just like petrol is consumed by vehicles fitted with petrol engines, battery power serves as the fuel for vehicles that run on electricity. But the rising price of petrol has begun to burn holes in the pockets of daily commuters in India. Petrol prices are busy setting all time high records and the price tag is rapidly approaching a value that will soon be unaffordable for most buyers. Currently the average cost of petrol per litre is 79.20 rupees. Because of this uncontainable petrol price hike, people are increasingly switching over to EVs or electric vehicles.

Some reasons why electric vehicles can easily resolve all petrol price hike related issues and replace petrol powered vehicles are as follows:

  • These high-end vehicles offer better mileage. (they offer driving mileage to more than 60 miles per gallon of petrol).
  • These vehicles are fuel-efficient.
  • They have low-emission rates which is almost zero in some models.
  • In some foreign countries these vehicles render substantial tax breaks.
  • User gets to save on gas substantially.
  • There are several models available in the market already’ so one can choose from a make or size of EV of their choice.

Thus EVs not only aid in conservation of fossil fuel derivatives such as petrol, but also control carbon emission which makes them highly environment friendly. Currently these vehicles are gaining tremendous popularity amongst global drivers and also EV enthusiasts in India. That is why manufacturers such as Polaris have been investing profusely in the research and development behind EV technology. In lieu of such technological research, some of these vehicles run on conventional petrol as well as on electricity. The electricity gets supplied to the engine through an electric motor and batteries. Some latest models have inbuilt systems that allow the charging of batteries inside the vehicle. This is an innovative technology for it eliminates the need for charging through electric outlet at home or specialized charging stations. But all others require home charging or specialised stations.

Manufacturers across the globe as well as in India have been striving hard to overcome all challenges present in the path of this novel technological breakthrough. This is all because these cars need to be made more acceptable in the following years as well as all the more fuel efficient. This can be done by using lighter components, proficient rechargeable batteries and other such advancements. Only then maintenance costs will reduce and these cars will ultimately become the solution for high petrol prices.

All in all consumers in India need to indulge into EVs because of the high petrol prices. Electric vehicles are environment friendly because they have zero harmful gas emission. So either way, an EV user gets benefitted. No wonder electric cars are the ultimate solution for the increasing petrol prices in India.

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