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Electrical Safety Certificates for Landlords: How to get them from Professionals

For individuals based out of the UK planning to let out their properties, it is a must to possess certain certifications for electrical safety. Unlike systems involving gas, in case of electricity, annual checkups aren’t really required legally on electrical equipment and appliances. However, if you want to let out your property out to tenants, it is a must that you possess the electrical safety certificate to be able to do so. This certificate assures that all the electrical appliances in your property are safe and function properly. According the Landlord Tenant Act enacted in the year 1958, as well as the Landlord’s Common Law, you are under legal obligation to possess this certification. Being a landlord, you are pretty much responsible for ensuring that the electrical equipment that are installed in the property are thoroughly checked and are in a good condition. Besides the safety aspect, if anything goes wrong with small things like light bulbs as well as sockets, you can be held responsible as a landlord. Hence, it’s extremely important to possess this electrical safety certificate.

Essentials that you need to adhere to:

There are a number of standards according to the law enacted that the landlord needs to adhere to. They are as follows:

1. The electrical systems and appliances must be in working condition when the property is being handed over.

2. The electrical equipment must be thoroughly checked to ensure that it is safe to be used prior to property handing over.

3. All the power circuits in your property must have circuits breakers installed o it as well as the sockets and plugs must meet the standards of BS1363.

4. If the house has a number of occupants, then as a landlord you must arrange risk assessment annually for all maximizing fire safety from electrical.

So you are all ready to let your property out, but wondering how you can carry out all these checks yourself. Well, for someone who knows very little about electrical fittings and equipment, carrying out these tests is impossible. This is why getting a professional electrical company on board is quintessential to get an electrical safety certificate. An electrician who is qualified to give you this certificate definitely knows a thing or two about how to conduct an inspection and accordingly makes requisite repairs and can hand over the electrical safety certificate to you.

How to get a certificate?

Now, not all electricians are qualified enough to provide the electrical safety certificate. If you are an estate agent, a letting agent or a landlord interested to let out a property, you need to look for registered electricians who have a license to provide you the pertaining certification post inspecting your house very well. An electrical safety certificate from an electrician without a license won’t really work out. Hence, make sure the firm you choose has been catering to the chore since quite a long time and has been in business for a good number of years. Don’t forget to check out appraisals of the firm before picking them for the electrical safety certificate. The past customer appraisals will give you a decent idea pertaining to their reputation in the market and whether a certification by them will be of any use.

Once you have chosen a firm, get in touch with them pertaining to the inspection accordingly, the experts will visit your home, inspect the electrical in your property and suggest the requisite modification accordingly. Once you are done with those, they will provide you with the electrical safety certificate so that you can go ahead and let out your property further. Quite a popular name in the UK, Birmingham Electricians provides such certificates to landlords and estate agents, and you can always resort to them for your electrical safety certificate. They are quite adept at catering to such tasks and can be relied upon for it.

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