Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems

Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes faced by Police. It means taking something out of a store without paying for it. Most shoplifters are amateurs but this trend is seriously growing into a more organized crime with group or rings that make their living stealing or shoplifting from retail stores. Everyday millions of dollars worth of good is shoplifted and is getting a very serious crime.

Shoplifting can be prevented if proper surveillance equipments and products are used. One of the best options to reduce shoplifting or retail shrinkage is the use of Electronic article surveillance or EAS. EAS is one of the most popular means to drastically reduce retail loss and retail shrinkage. EAS are actually security tags that are attached to the merchandise or electronic products in the retail stores. These highly sophisticated and innovative gadgets raise an alarm in case someone tries to shoplift the merchandise hence greatly reducing the risk of shoplifting. The EAS systems works on the following principle: a transmitter sends a magnetic or radio frequency signal at defined frequencies to a receiver thereby creating the system detection zone. Upon entering the zone, an EAS tag creates a disturbance, which is detected by the system receiver. With new advancements in the shrink technologies, these new EAS products effectively reduce shoplifting and helps lowering logistics and security costs. There are several types of EAS systems (The acousto-magnetic system, Radio Frequency (RF) Systems, Electromagnetic (EM) system). These EAS tag or labels are attached to the retail items and are activated. Upon buying these items at the checkout counter, these tags are then deactivated and removed. However when a shoplifter tries to escape with stolen items, these tags activate the Sensor gates at the door which in turn raise an alarm to instantly detect the shoplift items with the culprit. The tags are very hard to remove and if removed by force, they produce ink good enough again to spot the shoplifters.

With the advent of new technology, EAS systems are becoming more effective means to reduce retail shrinkage which is still affecting a large number of retails world over. Retailers Advantageis one of the leading retail security solution company offering Innovative and affordable EAS systems in America, Asia and Europe. Our range of retail store security products is the most extensive and advanced, with unique focus on innovation, quality and most importantly Security.