Electronics for 8 Year Olds

Are you searching for electronics for 8 year olds? For whatever reason, specific resources for finding the right electronic gear for kids can be tough. As a parent myself, I wanted to put together a good list of electronics projects for my son and I thought I’d share them here as well.

I’ll highlight some of the options that I’ve bookmarked to purchase for my boy in the future and talk about some of the reasons I think they’d be great toys for him.

Spy Gear Long Range Walkie Talkies
I’m a big fan of toys that encourage kids to get outside, but I fully realize that they need a good balance. These walkie talkie’s are great for playing “spy”. My son and I really enjoy running around the neighborhood with these and sharing secret communications and planning our next move. They have a good long range and are really a quality product.

Bop It XT
This is the newer model of the Bop It that I’m sure you saw commercials for in the past. It’s more advanced than the original Bop It and 8 is the youngest it’s recommended for, but it’s a great, challenging and active game that is fun to play with others.

FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive Toy
A good friend of my Wife’s just got this for her daughter and she loves it. The Willa reacts to over 150 voice commands, dances, laughs, sings songs, and more. They’re a great toy for your kid to interact with and enjoy. Our friend tells us that it gives her great breaks sometimes as her daughter will get engrossed in interacting with it, which is certainly a good thing for us parents!

Big Buck Hunter Pro
I am an outdoorsman and I hope that my son continues to enjoy it with me. Living in Minnesota means that we have many winter months where we can’t be outside for hours at a time. I like this game because it lets me get him ready for when he’s older and will actually be able to be out in the woods with me and will hopefully help instill a love for the outdoors in him. It’s also a great game for when he has a friend over.

There are many more out there, if you just take some time to browse through Amazon you can find dozens, if not hundreds, of electronic toys appropriate for your 8 year old. I highlighted a few of my favorites, but click through and explore and I’m sure you’ll find appropriate electronics for 8 year olds for your child.