Elegant Notes for iOS Users

There has always been something new for Apple users at its app store. Now with various changes in the new iOS mobile operating system, there has been a rush of apps in the apps stores that facilitate a user in creating notes and organizing notes in iPhone. Vesper has created one such app called Elegant Notes; this app is available for $3. The best thing about this app is that it is simple in style and user-friendly. Let us find out more about this app.

About Elegant Notes

The App is better known for its flexibility and user-friendly UI. Vesper gives you the app that stands out from the rest of the apps. It is easy to use for any average user and is equally good for any developer who is attempting to add additional tools to it.
As soon as you launch the app, you will be able to experience its speed that is relatively faster than any other app. Initially the app welcomes you to notes that are pre-defined as Tutorials that help you understand about how-tos of the app.

How to get started?

After launching your notes when you are ready to add a new note then all you need to do is tap the ‘+’ button that is located at the upper right hand corner. You have the choice of creating an all text note or a note that will contain an image. You can easily insert an image by tapping on the camera button. This way your picture gallery will launch and you can add any picture that is already saved in the library. Similarly, you can even add a new picture or snap one quickly. However, you need to remember that only one picture can be added per note. This is what makes and keeps this app simple without any complications.

Tagging and other functions

Often you must be wondering what else you can do with notes other than scribbling or jotting down something. Well, Vesper gives you the option of filtering and grouping your notes based on the tags that you have created. Tagging helps you in keeping your notes organized in the way you want. Tagging is easy by the button provided at the bottom of each page. Tap the Tag button icon and create a label of your choice or tag that you want. If you have previously tagged your pages then the tags with matching letters will appear within the tag category of your new note. This helps you add similar tags to numerous notes as you go on creating or adding new pages. After creating notes you also have the option of archiving it by a simple swipe from right to left. If you are not sure about keeping a newly created note then you can quickly delete it using the delete button given at the bottom of the page.

To search for new tags swipe towards right and Index page will appear with an entire list of tags created by you. You can also view archived notes within the same option. You will be amazed at how a list of notes with the same tag will appear, when you tap on a given label. This makes it easier to search notes with similar tags or labels.

The sharing options available are through e-mail and text messages. All you need to do is copy and paste it in another app.


Vesper has made it easy an uncomplicated to share, tag, search and create notes quickly but there are some things that you might like to have a look at. Before considering this app things like lack of iCloud and Dropbox options might irk you. Nonetheless, it is all about simplistic style and hasslefree options that Vesper offers you.

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