Elevator Maintenance Critical To Ensure Uninterrupted Operation

Commercial and residential elevators are built to be safe and durable. However, for any type of accessibility equipment, extended use can lead to wear and tear. Building owners need to ensure that the installed mobility equipment is working properly. Improper elevator maintenance can lead to serious accidents, non-compliance issues and legal consequences.

Often, elevator accidents occur due to mislevelling, higher speed, electric shock that occur due to improper wiring and falls into the shaftway, getting stuck inside the device when it stops its operation. Some of the other issues that can occur include:

• Sudden movement of the device when it should not
• Pulley system malfunction
• Lift doors get jammed or do not close
• Device not in level with the floor

Hence, periodic maintenance keeps the equipment in good working condition thereby extending its total life time.

Why Elevator Maintenance Services?

Proper maintenance of elevators is often considered a risky job and hence it requires the services of a certified and licensed technician who can carry out the job efficiently. They need to perfectly carry out the job to ensure code compliance and meet other essential standards. It is important to carry out the equipment maintenance, if any of the below mentioned problems are noticed –

• Long waiting time for the lift door to open
• System overheating
• Device platform not in level with the floor when the door opens
• Abnormal sound from the device
• If the lift door fails to open fully at the destination

Leading elevator and Lift Company would offer the services of qualified technicians who would check whether the device is functioning properly. They will help identify minor problems and can make important suggestions so that these issues can be corrected at an earlier stage. Below mentioned are some of the important elevator maintenance services offered –

• Assessment
• Adjustment
• Repair
• Lubrication and greasing
• Replacement of faulty parts
• Checking bolts
• Checking for cracks, creaks, squeaks, other noises or vibrations
• Checking emergency alarm and other safety devices

Select a Reliable Dealer

It is important to purchase accessibility devices from a reliable and established dealer. Browse online to get valuable information about the top dealers in the market along with details of products and services offered by each of them. An established elevator and lift company will offer the services of certified technicians who can provide timely and efficient inspections that may help the device remain in excellent working condition. Moreover, a professional company would offer the following services –

• Test performing or witnessing
• Modernization surveys
• Maintenance surveys
• Code-evaluations
• Violation resurveys
• Specification development
• Reviews for new installations
• On-site inspections
• Maintenance audits
• Annual/periodic inspections