News Embarrassing Kids! What Did Your Child Take To...

Embarrassing Kids! What Did Your Child Take To School Today?

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Children at my daughters Primary school are constantly bringing forbidden items such as money, mobile phones and make-up. Last week my eyes nearly popped out of my head when my daughter told me what her classmate brought in to share with the class.

My youngest daughter is eight years old, and like most kids of her age, a total chatterbox. Almost every evening after school, my poor ears are subjected to tales (which go on way longer than they need too) about the mischievous actions of fellow pupils, dramas at dinner time, or some poor teacher unable to control a naughty child. Last Monday I was multi-tasking a dozen chores and had no interest whatsoever of her inviting me to guess what her classmate brought into school that day…Until I heard the word “period”!

Natasha (*), also eight, had come to school that morning with one of her mother’s sanitary towels and announced to the class, including the supply teacher, that she had started her period and was a big girl because she wore them. Before you throw up, the sanitary towel wasn’t used but what a thing for a child to take to school.

My daughter informed me most of the class was horrified and one boy called Natasha a “dirty cow”. When I asked what the teacher’s reaction was, my daughter told me “…she just told her to sit down and be quiet but she [Natasha] wouldn’t stop going on about it”. The killer of this story is that my daughter, the expert, informed Natasha that she was too young to have periods and if she did she’d have bellyache “like my mum”. So now the whole class know I suffer period pain. Kids! Who would have em?

Although girls can start menstruating from early ages, Natasha hasn’t started just yet and was just showing off to her friends. Her mother found the incident hilarious and the story has spread around the playground with other parents fast. I would’ve been mortified and threatened my daughter with Michael Jackson (she’s scared of being haunted by the late superstar) if she tried anything like it.

* names have been changed to protect the identity of the child

Embarrassing Kids!  What Did Your Child Take To School Today?
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