Embrace What You Have- Thoughts of a Family Man

A poem? A warning? A friendly reminder? Possibly. Embrace what you have is all of these things and more. You can take it for what it is or leave it alone. It is me just ranting and sharing with you. Try not to read too much into it unless you feel you have to. I hope if anything you can step back and think and appreciate your life and all that you do and everything you have.

Embrace waking in the morning, Embrace the senses you are blessed with, seeing the sun, smelling breakfast, hearing your family downstairs whether it is your mother father wife or children. Enjoy your pets and the unconditional love they have for you no matter what mischievous things they are up to because they mean you know harm.

Enjoy your friends your co-workers your acquaintances your neighbours and strangers you see. They all have lives and people that love them; they all have positive and negative qualities just like you. They are all living on this beautiful earth just like you and I.

Embrace appreciate enjoy every day every moment. Always try to find the good in everyone and everything around you.

Learn all you can about life and our world by filling your brain with info and knowledge and life will seem easier and more enjoyable to go through. If you choose not to learn all you can it is truly a shame but it is your life and you have to make your own choices so do yourself a favour and learn all that you can.

Enjoy the weather for all its beauty whether it storms or is sunny, cold or hot. No matter how terrible it might seem there is always a positive no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Enjoy your busy days and enjoy your lazy days as they all have a purpose. Speed up when you can and slow down when you have to, your body will tell you if it really has to.

If you have clean water that comes from a tap enjoy it for now and hopefully it lasts because as you know many don’t have your luxury and the way earth is going that clean water could be history.

If you have a roof over your head appreciate the rain and the snow not coming down on top of you while you sleep. Embrace and enjoy the fact that your children are safe and snuggled in bed.

No matter how much debt you have and expenses you pay appreciate life each and every single day.

One thing is true that I know for sure is that no matter how terrible you might think your life is there is always someone who is having a worse time than you.

Embrace what you have before it is gone. Life’s course can change in the blink of an eye. Once someone has passed on they are gone forever. Once you pass on your family and friends will never enjoy spending another moment with you. Make the most of what you have now. Respect the fact that life is fragile.

Smile, hug, love all those in your life every day that you can. Set an example for those that look up to you. Show them how they can appreciate and enjoy life as well.

With the good comes some bad and vice versa is true I embrace the life I have how about you?