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EMF Protection and You

Public concerns regarding man-made EMF devices have existed since the late 1800s. Concerns were raised about the effect of light bulbs and land-line telephone poles. No health issues arose from these technologies, and they quickly became commonplace. However, with the exponential boom in technology in the past 30 years, these concerns have also multiplied. Cell phones and laptops have become the targets of the EMF scare. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently launched a publication detailing their findings on health concerns related to electromagnetic frequencies. For their study, WHO collaborated with 8 international agencies, 50 national authorities, and 7 national agencies that focused on EMF protection.

To begin, WHO divides EMF into low-frequency electric fields (such as power lines, computers, and appliances) and high-frequency fields (such as broadcast facilities, cell phones, and induction heaters). Both low and high frequency fields exist on the lower end of the overall electromagnetic spectrum, and therefore cannot produce ionization. Ionization is when radiation breaks the bonds that hold the molecules in cells together. Gamma rays, x-rays, and cosmic rays are all classified as “ionizing” radiation, because they have the ability to break up cells. Obviously, EMF protection is necessary for these types of radiation. However, since they are most abundant in outer space, only astronauts need to worry about them. The EMFs we come into contact with every day tell a different story. In fact, most radio frequencies only penetrate a short distance into the body, and the energy produced by them is absorbed into molecules and transformed into movement.

One may rightfully state, however, that WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer stated that ELF (extremely low frequencies) were classified as being possibly carcinogenic. As WHO states in their publication, “possibly carcinogenic” is “a classification used to denote an agent for which there is limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans…” One could also argue that radiation standards vary from location to location, but most national standards adhere to the guidelines established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), a non-government organization formally recognized by WHO. Overall, WHO also found that “maximum exposure levels in everyday life are typically below guideline limits,” so while it is still prudent to familiarize yourself with EMF protection to some extent (for example, the radiation generated by laptops can be harmful over long periods of exposure) it’s not necessary to deck yourself out with expensive silver-lined clothing and supposed “EMF protection pendants”.

On the flip side, however, it’s not fair to say the EMF scare is completely overblown. The fear is rational, since laptops and cell phones dole out a lot more energy and radiation than the household light bulb. WHO has openly stated that their findings are based on acute short-term exposure, rather than long-term, because “the available scientific information on the long-term low level effects of exposure to EMF fields is considered to be insufficient to establish quantitative limits.” Until studies emerge that examine the long-term effects these technologies have on people, it’s best to remain cautious but not careless. Turn off the Wi-Fi if you aren’t using it, use wired keyboards and mice, don’t put your laptop on your lap without a laptop radiation shield. While it’s better to be safe than sorry, it’s even better to be informed than ignorant. When researching EMF protection, acknowledge the weight of scientific studies and organizations, especially when compared with companies that are just trying to scare you into purchasing expensive (and useless) products.

This Article was written by Jacques Lem. Visit our site at http://codefreedom.org/ and http://codefreedom.org/category/financial-software/ for more details.

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