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Employment Verification- Is it Really Vital for Your Company?

With the ongoing competition in this IT landscape, it is most vital prospective to operate your business efficiently without any pitfalls. Employee are the basic building blocks of an organization, whether it is an ordinary manufacturing industry or a core technical company. Everywhere, an employee is the key role player to reap the great results. So, it is very essential to keep away from the fraudulent persons which can leads to unfavorable outcomes.

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There are a number of reasons for employment history verification being important. Employers are morally obliged to protect their employees from inconvenience that may be caused due to unemployment, that may be caused due to employment of the wrong candidates. Therefore the process of verification should be designed to identify the unsuitable candidates.

Employment history verification

A number of commonly misrepresented things in the resume are dates of employment, positions held, salary and job responsibilities. Moreover, applicants even go to the extent of adding fake employers. But, have you ever thought why candidates need to recompose their resumes. A typical reasons to hinder all the real information and putting the fictitious details is data theft, violence at work premises, dismissal from the workplace and inappropriate behavior. In some cases, employees can falsify their personal and professional records with an intention to hide periods of unemployment and data theft crime that may be caused due to reason such as imprisonment. To get a level of seniority and manager designation, employees can exaggerate their employment description.

Job aspirants often claim that their job change decision is deliberate and triggered by change in address of that company in which they are working or for career advancement and growth. Apparently, such discrepancies are made to hide the wrong information presented in their resume. To address such falsehoods, a thorough and an intensified employment verification is required.

An effective employment past records verification is important to ensure that the employer is not held guilty for negligent hiring, in the situation of hired employee causing harm to current employees or the company itself. Such a situation is happened due to the lack of employee judgment and screening. This insight would have helped in slashes down the troublemakers.

If you feel something is not sounding true and you are hitching about the person you are taking interview, you are advised to take a comprehensive employment history verification step, and even a criminal record investigation. A full employment background check should be proceeded because you have a responsibility to take care of your workforce.

Hire a third party source for verification

Hiring an outsourcing partner for the employment verification is an ideal option to get authenticated professionals at workplace. Confirming previous employment records helps you to determine the validity of the resume and if the applicant’s details fit with the job requirements. The company you outsourced for verification have a well-versed team of certified professionals that affirm each and every detail about the candidate you have opted. The team helps you by verifying an applicant’s current designation, work history, including dates of employment; job titles, responsibilities and reasons for job switching. Choose that outsourcing firm that offers the best data verification services with precise results to smoothly run your company.

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