Empower women around the World! part 1


Tired after a long night’s work, a nicely dressed woman is driving home. She feels her eyes heavy and the lack of cars on her lonely drive home never helps. She has taken this drive many times. Each time she does she is more and more comfortable. She has gone to feel safe on that road. Adding to this, her exhaustion, continues to lower her guard. All she cares about is just getting home.

The white and the yellow line hypnotize her tired eyes.

All sudden, a loud bang! She feels the car slowing down. Smoke is coming from the hood.

She pulls the car over to the safest spot she can find, within the darkness.

While engaging the hazard flashers, she thinks to herself. She realizes that she has no cell phone with her to call for help.

After 10 minutes of searching her vehicle for a flashlight, she does not find one. She accepts that she must leave and start walking. To the nearest gas station 3 miles away.

While walking, men pull over, seeming to offer her a drive. But their intentions are clear by their comments, noticing the way she is dressed.

The reality

This situation has happened to many innocent women around the world. They are simply in a situation, that now requires the aid of another person. Those men described, imply that in exchange of a favor, they want something in return.

This is highly unacceptable! But the nature of the world is exactly this!

That people rarely do things for strangers, purely out of the kindness of their heart.

But no disrespect, to the drivers that passed her by… But, most of us would play it safe too. Assuming the age old thought, that this women might be part of scheme to get unsuspecting drivers to pull over.

Empower a woman!

The Online Dictionary defines to empower or empowerment as:

1. To invest with power, especially legal power or official authority.

2. To equip or supply with an ability; enable


Empower women around the World! part 2