Empower women around the World! part 2

So when we explain this, Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of an individual or group of people to make choices, to grow, to transform their life to desired actions and outcomes.

In no sense am I at all saying that women need to change! What I am saying is that, I and we as a people need to invest into helping others. The only way to do this is by knowledge. I never claimed to know all… but, I know there needs to be something said or done.

I feel that women need to be Empowered to care for themselves. This covers all different fields… From taking a flash light with them to a dark alley… or to the degree of taking some type of self defense class.

Instead of listing, play by play what can be done, in all situations… I would like to narrow it down to 2 main points.

Plan ahead and be aware of your surroundings!

When it comes to planning ahead it could be any number of things. I reference to the woman in the illustration, she could make sure that her car has plenty of gas. She could make more regular maintenance on her car to make sure that it is dependable.

Did she have a charged up cell phone? Did she have a working flashlight?

A person could also simply look up YouTube videos on “how to change a tire?” and there are many other similar topics. What about looking it up in a book? Are you also familiar with your car’s manual? Knowing where the spare is located and if it has a wheel lock would be helpful to know ahead of time.

These were simple things, but in the moment that they are needed… they mean the world!

Being aware of your surroundings, involves fore-thought. Did the woman in the story know whether it was closer to walk back to the last gas station? Or was it closer to the next coming exit?

This could be considered in other situations. Where is the bad part of town? Are you avoiding that area? The place you park, is it well lit?


I wanted to put this together purely to aid women and people of the world. Bad things happen everyday. If these things can be limited, then please, by all means try!

These tips can also apply to children. There are times that planning and training could avoid them being a victim.

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