End the Beach Ball of Death on Your Mac

End the Beach Ball of Death on your Mac quickly and easily. Mac computers are often afflicted by the Beach Ball of Death but it can be fixed with a few easy steps. There’s nothing worse than having the Beach Ball of Death appear on your computer screen and freeze your computer. The Beach Ball of death, as it is known among other names, is a small, spinning circle with colored slices that appears on the screen of Mac computers causing them to freeze. This is very annoying to say the least. There are several fixes for the Beach Ball of Death that range from software updates to software modification. You can also boot your mac to get rid of it but none of these methods get to the root of the problem, which in many cases is an overworked computer. Depending on your computer settings, memory, and usage, you can end the Beach Ball of Death just by managing how much you demand from your computers memory.

Just When you Thought it Was Safe

The Beach Ball of Death will often strike if you have several applications open and a browser with several active tabs open at the same time on your Mac. Depending on your system specs, this could be asking your computer memory to do too much. If your computer speed is slower than normal, this could be a sign that you have too many applications open. This could put your computer at risk for getting the Beach Ball of Death. In some cases you can end the Beach Ball of Death just by closing the programs or tabs you don’t need.

Play Hide and Seek

You may also have applications open that you don’t realize are open. When you open an application, the toolbar at the top of the window can overlay open programs and applications of which you only see the active application. There could be several open program or application toolbars hidden behind the active application toolbar. If you need to end the Beach Ball of Death, you should check for these hidden programs and applications on a regular basis.

Close the Bar

You can do this by clicking the active applications title on the toolbar to open the drop-down menu. For example, in Microsoft Word, click Word on the toolbar to open the drop-down menu. Then click Hide Word on the drop-down menu. This will expose the toolbars of open applications behind the Word toolbar. For example, you may find the Stickies application toolbar hidden behind the Word toolbar mentioned above. If you aren’t using Stickies, click on Stickies on the toolbar and click Quit Stickies on the drop-down menu to close Stickies. Keep doing this until you’ve closed all of the applications you don’t need. The key is to do this before the Beach Ball of Death strikes.

Closing unused applications and windows may not completely fix the Beach Ball of Death on your computer but it should happen less frequently. This is much quicker and easier than booting your system. Just by closing programs as you finish using them could solve your problem with the Beach Ball of Death on your Mac.