Engineered hardwood floors-the unexploited wonder.

Standard flooring has its merits but the merits of engineered hardwood floors to be honest far exceed those of the standard floors. It is generally agreed that the amount spent on engineered hardwood floors is comparatively higher but amortized within the life of these floors it saves one a lot of money in the long run. Then the magic of engineered hardwood floors which is unparalleled lies in the speed with which they can be installed.

Some one may argue that there is hardly any difference between the engineered hardwood floors and standard hardwood floors but to be honest there is a considerable difference. Engineered hardwood floors are purchased when already sanded and finished this is a critical cost saving factor and you don’t need to be a cost accountant to know that its simple mathematics. The speed of installation ensures one that the same day they are laid one can literally walk on them instead of waiting for days and weeks.

Engineered hardwood floors are made of genuine wood form the top to bottom. No artificial layers are fitted its only real wood. As pointed above what makes them popular and loved is that they come when sanded and finished. For those who have gone through the sanding process probably have a story to tell; it’s not one of the most enjoyable tasks. Its tiresome, costs money and it takes long for the floor to be ready for use. Engineered hardwood floors now come in to bridge all that; if that is not a blessing in disguise then I don’t know.

Other people have confused engineered hardwood floors with laminate flooring. The answer is out in the open; the two are totally separate and unrelated and nothing could be further from the truth. What makes laminate flooring is a mixture of paper infused with melamine and wood chip composite. This does not in anyway compare to engineered hardwood flooring if you ask me.

To get the best estimate of the cost of engineered hardwood flooring one has to consider the sum total of all the costs involved. If you look at the complete whole then it’s easy to make a good judgment because the isolated costs involved may seem like too much but in real sense when you come to the drawing board, all of them are hammered into shape. Just take an instance where you are installing the standard floors; for one there is the cost of flooring, then some professional or expert has to be hired to put down the floor. This calls for extra supplies and mind you the duration the floor will be ready for use has not been factored in as yet, this could cost you more because you may have to spend either at a hotel lodging or at a friends place the latter costing you privacy and convenience.

I am certain that you will be changing your floors in the near future. If so, I personally advise you to consider engineered hardwood floors as unbeatable option. The cost and time that engineered hardwood floors will save you are just immense and are worthy dying for.