Englewood in Chicago Has a Frightening History

During the Halloween or early Fall Season, it seems we find out more than we want to know about the Paranormal. My Public Broadcasting Channel WYCC made last night a tad spooky to me, thus my lights stayed ablaze. I don’t mind being called a Chicken at all because I am. A human Nemesis, maybe we have a chance of running from first and as a last resort, a defense. But what does one do with pure evil?

There is a lot to be said about the Englewood Community in Chicago. Today it is under Police Surveillance and Protection and the Community is experiencing a measure of peace, and we don’t hear as much about shootings in the last year or so. It is still a place with a terrible history. It is also the kind of Community that I have personally never cared for and didn’t live in, even in its so-called ‘hey day’. Never questioning why, I just may have found part of the reason.

Sometimes when Communities seem particularly or strangely evil, there is a reason. As far as I heard lately is that there are good reasons, albeit Ghostly, Poltergeist and violent reasons for some of the happenings there! There is a Post Office at 63rd and Wallace and it is widely known that there are several suspected encounters of the Paranormal. The location of the Post Office itself is the reason for such activity.

13/365 by phozographer

America’s first known Serial Killer of the 19th Century, H.H. Holmes is said to have been from New Hampshire, traveled to Michigan to Medical School and studied there. Eventually, however, Holmes found his way to Chicago to the Englewood area where he bought a lot and structured what was to become a hotel on the top floors with the ground level floors for businesses. Holmes would hire Construction Workers who would work for a while and then he would have them replaced by new crews. This made it hard, if not impossible, to know what the true landscapes and interiors of the structure were like.

Holmes would travel the World’s Fair here in Chicago and find unsuspecting females who were looking for Lodging and offer them nice suggestions to stay in his ‘hotel’. People were disappearing but no one suspected anything afoul with regards to Holmes but it was later found that the building was filled with traverses, chambers or torture, gassing, in which he disposed of unwitting Lodgers. Holmes was also involved in Insurance Scams.

When Holmes was found, he confessed to 27 murders but has been suspected of 200 or more. The structure was mysteriously burned to the ground but there was several objects of torture, as well as well as skeletal remains of people unearthed. There is a Post Office there today at 63rd and Wallace and people interviewed said that it is widely known that this is not a subject to discuss openly, but there are several incidences of ghostly images, shadows, loud sounds, music, voices and calamity. We have no idea of the struggles, the pain, the torment and the screams that many of the unsuspecting victims of Mr. Holmes experience. The people interviewed looked so serious and so disturbed over the incidences as they discussed them that indeed it will make one wonder those strange two words ‘what if’…….