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English Lavender Water Recipe – With Pure Lavender Essential Oil

One of the benefits of lavender essential oil and lavender water is its wonderful sleep inducing and relaxing qualities. Any time we can include a little hint of relaxation and calm in our hectic lives, it is a better day.

English Lavender Water Recipe

  • 26 fl oz (780ml) or bigger hard plastic bottle with pump sprayer or even regular lid- if making for a gift, use a tinted bottle as the linen water will look less cloudy and more attractive in it.
  • Plastic funnel
  • 1 to 16 ounce measuring cup
  • Teaspoon or 5 ml plastic syringe


  • 1 tsp (1/6 fl ounce or 5 ml) English Lavender Oil Lavandula angustifolia essential oil
  • 2 fl oz (60 ml) alcohol – 40+ proof vodka or denatured alcohol (helps mix oil with water)
  • 24 fl ounces (600 ml) distilled mineral water, don’t use chlorinated or very hard mineralized tap water

Instructions to Make Linen water

  1. Pour the alcohol into your spray bottle
  2. Put lavender essential oil in that bottle with the alcohol
  3. Shake bottle vigorously with cap on for 30 seconds
  4. Lavender water will go cloudy and emulsify
  5. Add the water and shake again, you will need to shake hard, it will cloud when ready.
  6. The oil and water will separate a little over time but the alcohol helps emulsify the mix, you will need to shake before use.
  7. Label bottle contents with marker or sticker

Instructions for care/use of Lavender water

The linen lavender linen spray water made with pure lavender oil does not need to be refrigerated. There are no plant organics that can decompose in this mix. The lavender essential oil contains volatile oil that will evaporate over time, but not decompose. By keeping in a cool dark place, you will slow that rate of lavender essential oil evaporation. The aroma in the lavender water will last approximately 1 year as scent fades.

Even if lavender water appears white and cloudy, it is just fine. It will not stain linens or fabric. but for best distribution of aroma, shake well before each use, this mixes the lavender oil and water.

Suggested Uses of Lavender Linen Water


Add a little lavender water to your laundry rinsing water for fresh aromatic laundry. Then on ironing, mist damp linens to repel pests and freshen the aroma. This was not traditionally done with tablecloths or napkins as it was thought to interfere with the gastric experience, Besides the real lavender oil benefits are on bedding to enhance sleep, or clothing give give a sense of calm.

Bedroom & Bathroom

Before bed, put a little lavender linen spray on mist sheets, pillowcases or bedding with light mist, about 20 minutes before retiring for peaceful sleep. As part of a stress-reducing ritual before bed, soak in a warm lavender bath water to relax. You can add a splash or lavender water to the bath water.


Spray a little lavender water in the air as a natural air freshener. If you keep a purse size bottle in your desk or in your car, you can spray a little spritz when you need a little extra calm.

Enjoy your lavender water. If you are wondering where to buy lavender oil, the best lavender oil for this recipe is the English lavender, Lavandula angustifolia. The lavandin hybrid essential oil is less expensive but not as sweet an aroma as it contains more camphor. LavandinX and the even more pungent Lavandula spicata essential oils are wonderful for organic home made cleaners.

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