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Enhance your Interiors with Light Fittings from Varaluz

The basic purpose of lighting in any area is that it helps ascertain the space and the size of the room and lets us see all the main things in the interior. But as there are different rooms in a house, each with a different purpose and lighting requirements, it is very essential that you choose the fittings accordingly. The fitting that you will need for your living area will be very different from the ones that you will mount in the bedroom. Similarly, the light fittings in your kitchen will be unlike the ones in the bathroom. Therefore, you need to select a brand that has all kinds of options and Varaluz offers you just that.

Varaluz is known for its handcrafted light fittings that are made with eco-friendly and recycled material. Their workshop in the Philippines brings out beautiful fixtures for both the indoors and outdoors and offers an amazingly diverse product range of ceiling lights, wall lights, outdoor lights and furniture. Known for their overall quality and designs, Varaluz is nowadays one of the most innovative manufacturers of contemporary light fittings.

However, though you may see a lot of light fittings in the catalogue, choosing the right products for your house can be a little tricky. You need to look into the area where you want to mount the fittings and determine the lighting needs before selecting the fittings for any room. Following pointers may help you in making the right choice:

1. Right lighting can add or minimize the colors in a room on the whole. While dark colors can make the room look confined, bright colors can add a sense of space to the area. Directional and track lighting can also alleviate the wall colors and recessed can lighting can be used to illuminate the floors instead of walls with downward glow.

2. You can also use lighting to illuminate the entire room on the whole or highlight some specific areas in the space. Positional lighting with adjustable lamps can be used as track lighting to draw attention to specific things like a painting, flower vase and family photos.

3. The basic purpose of lights is to illuminate the area and if a fitting is not able to do that well, then it is basically just wasting electricity. While chandeliers provide central illumination, wall lights are used in the hallways to light up the way. Therefore, you need to determine the functional purpose of the light before selecting the fittings for a particular area.

Now that you know the various advantages of lighting, you can buy the fittings that match your requirements. And the best part of buying the fixtures from Varaluz is that none of the fittings are exactly identical and this will ensure that you are getting a unique product for your house, which probably no one else will have in their homes!

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