News Enhance your Interiors with Lightings from Sonneman

Enhance your Interiors with Lightings from Sonneman


Launched by ‘Lighting’s Modern Master,’ Robert Sonneman, the Sonneman Design Group is probably one of the pioneering manufacturers of modern light fittings. Founded in 2003, they are known for their perfect amalgamation of clean lines with the functionality and form of the designs. From over four decades, designs from Sonneman have not only been at the design forefront but have also won loads of awards and accolades. The works of Robert Sonneman have been exhibited in many renowned museums like The Museum of Modern Art, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Contemporary Arts Museum, Krannert Art Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, St. Louis Design Center and the Saskatchewan Science Centre. Their light fixtures are the most sought after in modern homes. Though very chic and elegantly carved, Sonneman light fittings are still very reasonably priced.

Their amazing product range consists of some splendid chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, flush and semi flush mounts, floor lamps and table lamps. But determining which lights to buy for your rooms can be a little tricky. The key is that the fittings should fulfill the three main lighting requirements and serve all the purposes.

1. Ambient

Ambient light is the central light fitting and provides overall illumination in the entire room. It is also called general lighting and should offer adequate brightness without causing any glare. Sometimes, in cramped spaces like laundry room or storage room, they also serve the purpose of task lighting and offer functional benefit of performing the tasks with ease. Chandeliers like 20th Century Pendant and Zylinder from Sonneman are most suited for ambient lighting in the living room.

2. Accent

Sometimes you want to emphasize on a particular wall display like a painting, an art piece, a family picture or a particular structural element in the room. This is where the accent lighting comes for assistance. Accent Lighting should be at least three times brighter than ambient lighting.These lights create drama in the room and attract attention to a specific area. Accent lighting is mostly offered by recessed light fittings, picture lights and lamps. You can opt for Contra-Perno Adjustable Floor Lamp or Unoluci Floor Lamp by Sonneman for this purpose.

3. Task

Task lighting is used for illumination needs for completing specific tasks like working, reading, cooking, shaving, doing homework and playing games. Installing some under cabinet lights and lamps can help you serve this purpose. However, make sure that your task lighting is free from all glares and shadows so that they can fulfil their purpose effectively. Some examples of task lighting include table lamps like Quattro 1-Light LED Task Lamp near the reading chairs, counter lights in the kitchen and lights like Sonneman Vanity Bath Bar above the mirror in the bathroom.

Keep the above requirements in mind and buy right Sonneman fittings to serve multiple needs and purposes in every room and make your house look stunning and beautiful!!

Crescent Harbor Modern offers an exhaustive collection of modern and contemporary lighting fixtures from leading brands including Maxim, Sonneman, George Kovacs, Holtkoetter, Tech, LBL, Corbett Lighting, et2, Crystorama, Varaluz, Besa, DVI and many more.

Enhance your Interiors with Lightings from Sonneman
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