Enjoy Lower Heating Costs with the Gas Boiler Replacement Scheme

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The government offers a range of grants and offers to help reduce energy costs, and improve heating efficiency, especially in the homes of those that are considered to be vulnerable. As such, families with young children, those drawing state pensions, and those that live in fuel poverty, are typically entitled to participate in the gas boiler replacement scheme. For many families, this will mean access to a free boiler upgrade, while other families may receive hundreds of pounds off the cost of a boiler replacement, and yet more people are entitled to repay the cost of a new boiler on a monthly basis using the money that should be saved in energy bills.

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Enjoy Lower Heating Costs with the Gas Boiler Replacement Scheme, Seekyt

The Replacement Scheme

The scheme offers eligible participants a brand new A rated energy efficient gas boiler. The cost of installation, as well as the cost of the boiler itself and heating controls, is included for those that are entitled to a free boiler. For others, a grant of up to £400 towards the costs is available, and if you are not eligible to receive a free or reduced cost boiler, you may be entitled to repay the cost of the boiler and installation on a monthly basis. The money that you save on heating should prove more than enough to make these repayments.

Carbon Emission Reduction Targets

The government has committed to greatly reducing CO2 emissions, and they have identified inefficient heating systems as one means of helping hit national targets. If you own your property, or live in a privately rented property, have a boiler that is more than seven years old, and are receiving pension credits, tax credits, or any of a number of other benefits, you could have a new, energy efficient boiler fitted.

Enjoy Lower Heating Costs with the Gas Boiler Replacement Scheme, Seekyt


Potential applicants do not need to contact the government to enquire about the grants, or to submit an application. Accredited installers are able to take applications and determine whether a household is eligible, and what lever of grant or subsidy a person is entitled to. Deciding whether to take advantage of the scheme should be an easy decision – a new boiler not only offers more efficient heating that keeps your property warm, but it could also save you as much as £500 per year on your heating bill.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

All installers involved in the gas boiler replacement scheme must be registered Gas Safe installers, and this means that you can be confident of a good quality service. Furthermore, the boiler that you receive must be A rated for energy efficiency, and because it is a new boiler, typically from a well-known brand, it means that you should also receive a free warranty as part of the deal. This warranty will typically run for a period of five years, and any breakdowns or repairs that are required during this time should be covered as part of the installation.
If there comes a time when you wish to sell your property, then you will benefit from having a new boiler too. The installation will include a free energy efficiency rating certificate, and this can be presented to prospective buyers.

Apply Today

You can apply to the gas boiler replacement scheme by completing the Azko Energy Efficiency Ltd online form. You will need to provide details of the benefits you receive, and you will need to have a quick survey completed of your boiler – but, if you qualify, then you could receive one of the latest and most efficient gas boilers for your home.

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Enjoy Lower Heating Costs with the Gas Boiler Replacement Scheme, Seekyt
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