Enjoying a Holiday in Goa

Enjoying a Holiday in Goa

Goa is one of the states of the Indian union. However there is a difference as it is the only state which was a Portuguese colony, as the rest of India was under English rule.  Goa thus has a different ethos and culture from the rest of India. It also has a a sizeable Christian minority, almost 30% , which has its own effect on the atmosphere.

Goa is blessed by god with an abundance of pristine beaches. These sun kissed beaches right on the Arabian Sea are a source of delight all the year round. Tourist from the colder countries like East Europe are the main visitors. These tourists relish the beaches and they let their hair down by wearing bikinis. In cold Europe this is not possible, hence Goa has tremendous tourist traffic.

Visiting Goa is fun,and this applies to Indian tourists from other parts of India. Girls in particular like this place a lot and taking a cue from the foreign tourists, many don the bikini as well. It is not uncommon to see an Indian girl in a bikini. They indeed look fetching.

Goa is not without controversy. A cabinet minister had objected to European women wearing a bikini outside the beaches in Malls and shopping centres. However the Tourism minister saw nothing wrong in it and thus many Europeans can be seen moving around in bikinis outside the beaches as well. For the Slav girls, Goa is almost heaven as the climate is heavenly and its not something they can get back at home.

Staying in Goa can be cheap and costly, depending upon your budget. In case one has the money, there are a string of 5 star hotels and resorts. Lesser and cheaper places are also available. One can shack up in the hundreds of tourist huts by the beaches. Many couples stay here for privacy and tender moments together.

Goa also has casinos and bars and liquor is cheap. Beef is freely available and there are no taboos anywhere. Goa has no prohibition and one can get a drink at anytime of the day.

Goa is daily reached, as it is well connected. It has an international airport and super fast trains link it with the rest of the country. All in all its fun place and I often go there with my girl.

Photo of girl in goa by me