Entitled and Annoying people

A long line of people wait in line patiently in line at a pharmacist counter. They all seem to be sick to some extent. Anxious, but they wait knowing that it is respectful to do so.

Loudly entering the front door, an older woman enters the store insisting that she be seen next. A man speaks up, but is extinguished but her claims that her needs far exceed his, even without her knowing what his needs are…

This person is “Entitled!” They act and feel like they can get special privileges and rights that others of us are not important enough to have.

The Mayo Clinic describes a “narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings.”

There are also many people in this beautiful world that are often looking for attention. They literally and figuratively may stomp around to be looked at. To be asked what’s wrong. The very moment in which, some person needs all those in the room to look at them. Then needs all, to acknowledge their very existence. Then, the person is frustrated, that even one might have a free thought and not do that. For this person they feed, emotionally off the attention of others.

The fact that the person needs to have that acknowledgment or that they feel they are entitled to it, often screams of other issues. In my past personal experience, it tells me that the person has a number of issues which boil down to personal self esteem and value.

Often the person… from my experience, lacks the confidence or value to express themselves. They might think no one cares about what they say or do since it is not cool enough or that it’s not interesting enough. As if that person needs not only attention but acceptance. In most cases they attempt to be the “know-all”. Having something to say, literally about everything. In some sense, I see it in myself.

So we see other people like this… but what about the when the shoe is on the other foot?

The shoe on the other foot.

There moments in which, we all point out the other person. But, if that is so clearly easy to see… then it makes sense that we often fall into another person’s list as that person!

“Say it ain’t sooo…” I know that there are moments in which, we all have done one or many things that fall into the following list. The things that point out to us, that we are that person trying to get attention or are entitled.

1) We wait till the perfect moment in which we will be heard. As if our respective point is so profound that all in the world must hear.

2) We set up the points. I have many times discredited another person’s point. This happens right after another person just spoke and told the story. We might start with “No, no! I can do better than that!” Or we might say, “That’s nothing! Let me tell you…” Then we tell them and then we do in style!

3) Exaggerations and with feeling. When we speak or voice is louder, talking over others. We build points as if superhuman. When we do, in a sense we build or install the limit of emotion that we ascribe to the moment. As if to figuratively say “This is how you ought to feel when hearing my comment!”

4) We don’t respect others. We don’t respect another person as having the same knowledge or ability that we have. We may find ourselves cutting off someone in conversation. Stepping in to a person’s life, telling them what they should do. As if we are all knowing.

What can we do??

So we are all human and we think… “It’s possible that I might do this!”


Think of other people in the area and room. Are they just that, real people? Then if so, then they have their own rights! They have a right to an opinion… They have a right to think on their own… They have a right to be served and treated like a human!


Whatever you are dealing with… whatever the issue or problem… Is it that much of a deal??

Then why do you act like the world is ending if you have to wait on line? That you can’t walk across a parking lot? Then why must you control all in a room?

Hopefully this post was not purely a vent…

Thanks for listening and reading.

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