EPUB Can Improve your Learning Experience

Developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum, EPUB is an open standard format for digital publications based on open web technologies (HTML5, WAI-ARIA, SVG, and MathML). A compressed document set, EPUB files occupy less storage space and that’s what makes them so useful for smart phones and tablets, compared to PDF documents and HTML pages. Experts point out that EPUB can greatly improve the learning experience on mobile. In 2012, e-book sales overtook the sales of print books for the first time ever.

Advantages of EPUB Conversion

Files once converted to EPUB format can provide a lot of benefits

* It is easy to navigate
* e-reader device is automatically synced
* Has the ability to support multimedia options
* It runs on Linux, OS X system and Windows
* Open format in accordance with the IDPF norms
* Table of contents is simple
* The program is free of cost
* The text re-flow is suitable to all sizes of screens
* The XML Container Folder is automatically created

EPUB Conversion in Education

Many content providers have started delivering books in the EPUB format with an aim to make the learning content much more interactive and accessible to students. It has the ability to make a transformation in the education industry and deliver an experience that is flexible for all styles of learning. Creating content according to customized student needs will increase the accessibility to knowledge and education.

EPUB3 was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum, to address criticisms of previous EPUB editions. Early versions proved unfit for the publication of specialty texts as they lacked annotation abilities, rich media support, navigation support, and were not up to necessary accessibility standards. EPUB 3 promises an improved reading experience with features such as:

* Enhanced images
* Improved interactivity
* In-text navigation
* Media overlays
* Pop-up footnotes
* Text to speech in e-books

Experts point out that EPUBs can be used for data collection, authoring, annotating and peer review. Teachers can post lessons online for their students and the latter can access the content more quickly. With its interactive features, EPUB can provide a richer learning experience that text books. For instance, audio, video, hyperlinks, and more can be used within EPUBs. As the content is reflow-able, it can be adjusted to suit the reader’s needs. Businesses can use EPUB for audio and video tutorials and interviews, collaborative learning, data collection and assessment, and more. As it is portable, companies can save the money that would be otherwise spent on printed material.

Benefits of Professional EPUB Conversion Services

A professional document conversion company is the best option when it comes to large conversion to EPUB. Benefits include

* Quick turnaround time
* Lesser expenses on document management
* Round-the-clock customer support
* Accuracy in the conversion
* Secure file transfer

Each e-reader has varying requirements and specifications and Sony Reader EPUB conversion may not necessarily be the same as Kindle EPUB conversion. It is therefore very important to partner with the right company to manage your EPUB conversion. A good service provider can help you save time and money, while assuring customized solutions.