“Eragon”: A Must Watch Fantasy Movie

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“Eragon” is fantasy movie based on the novel of the same title by Christopher Paolini. It tells the tale of the beautiful land of Alagaesia once a prosperous, powerful and peaceful land where Dragon Riders ruled. The Dragon Riders grew more disunited and one of them named Galbatorix (John Malkovich) seized the opportunity and murdered all the Dragon Riders with exception of one named Brom (Jeremy Irons) whose dragon was murdered. Brom without his dragon was powerless against the evil king. Galbatorix seized the Kingdom for himself and then went on to proclaim himself King. Aided by his evil lieutenant Durza (Robert Carlyle), he exterminated his enemies and all those who stood in his way. His reign was characterized by tyranny and he was indeed the personification of evil.

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Eragon (Ed Speleers), a young farm boy found what he believed to be a stone while out hunting. It turned out to be a dragon’s egg. The dragon’s egg hatches only in the presence of the person she has chosen as her rider. The dragon’s egg chose Eragon as her rider and therefore hatched in his presence. This had been the moment that all Alagaesia had been waiting for, the emergence of the chosen one. A Dragon Rider to help them in ending their oppression under the rule of King Galbatorix.

However, Galbatorix will not sit idly by and allow Eragon to fulfil his messianic mission of getting to the Varden and leading the rebellion against him. He sent out Durza to find Eragon and assassinate him. The death of a Dragon Rider leads to the immediate death of his dragon. However, a Dragon Rider will live on even after the death of his dragon. Hence his sole aim was to assassinate Eragon.

Brom took upon himself the task of tutoring and shepherding the inexperienced and difficult young boy to the Varden. This was a very difficult task and compounded by Eragon’s hotheadedness and unwillingness to take simple advice. He plays into the hands of Durza.

As to whether Eragon will be able to win the battle against the King aided by the aided by Durza, the Shade remains to be seen. “Eragon” is very adventurous movie and a fun to watch. A very interesting surreal world is conjured up full of magic and strange names.

Dragons are most often portrayed as evil and hideous creatures. Christopher Paolini succeeds in creating a new image for dragons through Saphira (Eragon’s Dragon). He further gives anthropomorphic qualities to her. In the movie a female voice makes her appear affectionate and motherly towards Eragon. Saphira assumed almost a motherly role in Eragon’s life. It is approximately 104 minutes and it was directed by Stefen Fangmeier. Certainly a must watch for fantasy lovers.

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“Eragon”: A Must Watch Fantasy Movie, Seekyt
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