Escaping an Abusive Relationship

Escaping an Abusive Relationship

This is a true story. Cut and Paste it to Suit your circumstances.

If was after her best friend Diana was but in the hospital by her brute of a husband, Mac, and lost her spleen, that Lisa realised her time would come. Nick, her husband, was proceeding along the brutality track. She had already gotten those black eyes and bruised ribs.

Lisa began hiding money around the house. She hid some in a bag of sanitary napkins, some in an old pair of shoes, some in an old knapsack. She stole the grocery money, a little here, a little there, and she did searches of women’s shelters in other cities. Cities she had never been to.

She erased her history each time she used the computer.

She did her best to avoid beatings, and set herself to leave when he went for one of his ‘boy’s night out’. She dressed in her nightie and was watching television when he stepped out.

As she knew he watched the door, she she went to the bedroom. She had packed the old knapsack earlier that day, and collected all her money into a pouch she had hidden.

She had practiced dressing in the dark, and completed in about ten minutes, then went out the side window, across a neighbor’s property, then down the road to a cab stand. She took a cab to the train station, booked a trip to one of the cities she had seen on the ‘Net.

She used the name of Diana, to pay tribute to the woman who was in the hospital while she was riding to her future.

This kind of escape is possible. No matter who you are, where you are, unless chained to the wall, you can escape. Whether it is when you go to the supermarket or laundry, whether it is when you go to work or school, plan your escape, keep it to yourself, and go where you will not be expected.

Unless you have a lot of big violent relatives who will handle your husband, it is better to escape completely. Go to an unknown city, get to a shelter or at least a cheap motel, and survive that first day. Then move on. Get any job you can. Don’t use your real name. Don’t have any connections.

Throw away your phone card or your phone. Take your documents, sure, but not everything. Travel light and fast.

You can email your relatives with ecards set for delivery 48 hours from your escape. Don’t get sloppy, don’t look back. Don’t say good bye to anyone. Send up no flags. When your abuser comes home he should not have a clue where you went or when.

If you have children, you will have to leave them somewhere safe. If you can send them to summer camp or boarding school, fine. Trying to travel with children means he has a hook in you. He can demand custody. If you leave them with a relative, (usually this can be a well known plan that they spend a week with Gran or Auntie).

If the kids are old enough and are also abused, fine, but if they are little and still love Daddy, no.

Get out, safe your life.
And don’t ever go back.