Essential Cleaning Products used for Homes

Keeping your house clean maintains the aesthetic appeal of the house. Almost everyone you ask will say that they would want to keep their house clean and tidy. It leaves a good impression on guests who come in. But, in order to keep the house cleaned, it is important to use several cleaning products. You can use different cleaning products to clean different parts of the house. For example, a product with which you clean the windows will not be the same with which you clean the bathroom. People spend bag full of money on various cleaning products, but what they do not realize is the fact that if they buy eco-friendly products, then they will not only be able to save the environment, but also save a lot of their own money. Many people think that cheap cleaning products may not be good enough to clean the area that you want. This is a misconception that people have. The secret behind cheap cleaning products is they are made of natural elements that are often used in daily life. They do not contain high-end chemicals that can have an adverse effect after cleaning.

Different cleaning products used in homes

When you reach out in your cabinet or shelf for cleaning products, it sometimes is a mess of so many different things that you find it difficult to remember which products are for what type of cleaning. Given below are some of the most common cleaning products that people normally use in their homes:

• Washing liquid- This is basically soapy hot water that is used to clean walls and floors. You can also clean dishes and utensils with this liquid.

• All purpose cleaning spray- This spray can be used to clean work surfaces and various items before you wipe them down. You can use an antibacterial spray in this case.

• Cream cleaner or scouring powder- These cleaning agents are best for tough cleaning jobs such as cleaning grimy porcelain basin or the toilet. The powders that are used are tougher than the liquids, but you should never use them in plastic surfaces because they are too abrasive for plastic. However, you should be careful that you don’t breathe the airborne particles especially if you have asthma or other respiratory problems.

• Washing powder- Using a good biological washing powder can be a good way to remove stains from clothes. Always try to buy those washing powders or liquids that have passed the cleaning tests. They are best for lightly soiled laundry and can also be used to clean roasting pans, dirty grill pan and oven racks.

• Dishwasher detergents- As you can understand from the name, the powder is used for washing dishes and utensils. These detergents come at a very low price, and they can also be used to clean plastic baths and the burnt food in the pans.

• Disinfectant cleaning spray- This spray should be used for the bathroom. You can sprinkle this spray on the basin and bath and wipe the surface. It would also give out a sweet smell that is nice for the bathroom. You can also use it outside the toilet on the bathroom handle.

• Toilet cleaner- The toilet has to be cleaned properly, and it can add a little fragrance into the bathroom. A few drops into the toilet and a few drops here and there will be more than enough to keep the bathroom fresh.

• Window cleaning sprays- A mixture of water and vinegar in 50:50 ratio will be the best solution for cleaning windows. You can make this solution at home, so no need to buy it from a local store.
As you can see, there is a whole range of cleaning products that you can use in your home. For more information on these cleaning products, you can visit the website of Direct Workshop Supplies and, happy cleaning.