Essential Gardening Tools that Needs to be in Your Kit

Essential Gardening Tools that Needs to be in Your Kit, Seekyt

No matter what the time of year, there is always something that needs to be done in the garden. Whether this is preparing the ground for planting, pruning, raking or mowing, or cleaning planters and oiling tools for the coming spring, a gardener never gets to sit down for long. With all these jobs to complete, it makes perfect sense that there is also a list of essential gardening tools that need to be in a gardener’s kit.

The old-fashioned basics

A good, well-made spade with a tightly fitting handle, a matching long-pronged fork and a rake with good flex are the tools that spring to mind when we talk about gardening. From flower beds to lawns and rock gardens, every space in the garden needs the attention of these basic tools. Aside from the basics, there are tools that many professional and amateur gardeners consider essential ‒the products and machines that make all the difference in the world to your hard work and dedication.

Keeping your lawn healthy

A good-looking and healthy lawn is a thing of wonder. To be honest, most amateur and part-time gardeners struggle to achieve this. A healthy lawn needs to be taken care of with a good mower with sharp and well-oiled blades and wheels that won’t drag or tear at the grass. A good petrol mower is one of the essential gardening tools for anyone with anything more than the smallest lawn; likewise, a gardening fork can be used to encourage aeration of a small lawn, but anything larger can only be accomplished with an aerator.

Managing mature growth and new hedges

Cutting back, trimming and pruning are ‒at a minimum ‒bi-yearly tasks. This can be undertaken using shears and clippers; however, for most jobs, petrol hedge cutters and telescopic pruning wands are going to give you a cleaner, more precise result in a much shorter time. While the aim of the amateur gardener is not to complete the task in the shortest time possible, reducing the amount of time spent stretching when cutting will minimise the chance of injury.

Take back the space

It is always a surprise to see how much lawn is eaten into by a year’s good growth, but for some jobs a hedge trimmer is not the right tool. Brush cutters offer the gardener a professional method of reclaiming the lawn area and hacking back into hedging, while also preparing the plants and bushes that are going to come out.

An ergonomic approach to digging

For many, a solid day of digging results in a solid day of recovering. If this rings true in a gardener’s experience, it is time to invest in one of the best essential gardening tools: the C8 rotator. Again, this is about more than simply saving time and backache. A good rotator effectively prepares the ground to ensure the next crop is the best, making all your efforts that much more satisfying and enjoyable. In the end, this is what gardening is all about.