Esther Hicks and Abraham From Inspiring to Fake to Cult

Esther Hicks Faking Abraham

Like a lot of others, my exposure to the Esther Hicks and her Abraham presentation got started with The Secret, Rhonda Byrne’s movie and book, both inspired by Esther, and I was off on a long reading list about an area of which I knew very little. This article, with a number of linked articles created along the way, is the story of how I followed that inspiration all the way to the realization that Esther Hicks is a fake, Abraham is being ad libbed, and that she and her partner, Jerry Hicks, may be trying to draw a more cult-like following.

As a career writer, I’ve written quite a lot about Esther Hicks, Abraham, Jerry Hicks and the ‘Law of Attraction,’ their signature marketing hook. What I will provide here are links to the key articles with a summary of their contents. Others who have written similar or related articles, even if hey disagree, are welcome to contact me through the comments about including their links. I’d like to see this become a resource for information, ideas and opinions, past and future, about Abraham-Hicks.


Note: A New Article Has Been Added: Is LIVE The Newest Abraham-Hicks Scam?

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The first I wrote that became a hit with thousands of readers and still increasing in popularity was, Is Esther Hicks A Fake? Although since updated, I started out with a defense of Esther, convinced that the performance was too consistent to fake. I had reservations about Jerry’s odd behavior, but not enough to change my mind. Not then, anyway.

A little later, I wrote a joking article, Abraham-Hicks Critics, in which I invented a channel, The Ralphs, much like Abraham, except not smart, who were hoping to capitalize on Esther Hicks’ popularity. So many new Abraham-like channels were popping up, I couldn’t resist a little satire.

Trouble for me came with Esther in her Abraham persona mocking death–which she insists ‘does not exist’–but more importantly belittling people for mourning lost loved ones. Regardless of point of view, I thought that any deeply insightful presence would be more empathetic and see the pain of loss more objectively. Mean-spiritedness just didn’t seem consistent with the wisdom she claimed. Abraham Hicks Mistake became my first controversial article on this subject.

Loss of Confidence

From that seed sprang, Ten Reasons Not To Trust Esther Hicks and Abraham. Once launched, the doubts became an avalanche of discoveries about inconsistencies and, really, teachings that made no sense. (A tip of the hat here to my friend, Kyra, who stepped up with a lot of interesting research, that she generously contributed.)

Next in a logical progression came, Is Esther Hicks Faking or Is Abraham Just Shallow and Cold, which I followed with an article about Jerry Hicks excessive marketing, Esther and Jerry Hicks Sham, which threatens to obscure whatever useful message they used to deliver.

There are more articles, for which you will find links in the above, and I will keep this updated, but for now, I’ll give you my personal Esther Hicks and Abraham story and, the most recent, Esther Hicks Turns Mean With Abraham, about her stunning reversal of much of the original teachings to go more exclusive with what comes off as a collection of acolytes, perhaps with the intention of promoting a more cult-like following.

More to follow, and please keep in mind, anyone interested in contributing to this index is encouraged to make a suggestion in the comments section. If an article is good, whether in agreement or disagreement, I promise to add it here.

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I Survived Esther Hicks and Abrahan by davestone13

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Kyra has become the most detailed investigator or Esther Hicks claims about Abraham and the Esther and Jerry generally in Abraham Hicks Skeptic. She offers additional investigative ideas about paranormal claims in Kyra’s Diary.

David Stone, Writer