Esther Hicks: It's All About The Money

In an unguarded moment in 2004, Esther Hicks – posing as her channeled entity, Abraham – declared that wealth is the central ingredient in how and why we live our lives. The Teachings of Abraham couldn’t be wrong, could they?

Did Esther Hicks Really Say That?

‘Every bit of it is about economics. Every bit of it, without exception.’

Abraham is a collective of one-hundred “nonphysical teachers” she claims began speaking through her twenty-five years ago. Through Abraham, Esther Hicks has preached abundance as a core value in happy living. Who would argue with that?

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Later, when her popularity as a speaker and writer (with Jerry Hicks as coauthor) mushroomed that money, as contrasted with personal well-being, became the dominant value.

Esther Hicks’s source, Abraham, delivers “the teachings” by putting in her head “blocks of thought,” which she interprets extemporaneously. They are also claimed to take control of her hands to type out manuscripts. So perfect and sacred are the teachings that Jerry Hicks claimed that he forced publishers to refrain from editing a single word in their books. That included invented words, like overwhelment, used to more clearly express themselves.

Abraham, the essential icon in the success of Abraham-Hicks Publications, has been described by Esther Hicks as a collective of teachers with access to all the wisdom in the universe, in direct connection with Source (God to you and me.) Among the group is Jesus, she says, although he doesn’t outrank the others.

(Esther declared from her Abraham platform that she is the equal of Jesus and Buddha, which makes as much sense as anything else she has to say.)

Having established Abraham as an unimpeachable source of eternal wisdom, Esther Hicks freely communicates what they have to say in writings and public appearances that include key interactions with audience members. Followers of Esther Hicks and Abraham, who fiercely deny cult status, attend numerous traveling workshops, subscribe to recordings and purchase Abraham Hicks products, all as a way of staying up to date on the teachings.

Nitty Gritty: What It’s All About

Here is what Esther Hicks said in Boulder, Colorado in June of 2004:

“Every bit of it is about economics. Every bit of it, without exception. Everything about religion is about economics. Everything about politics is about economics. And everything about economics is personal satisfaction. Everyone is personally motivated to do the best that they can possibly do for themselves.”

Esther Hicks: It’s All About The Money

According to my my dictionary “economics” means, “the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.”

And, according to Esther Hicks, everything, including religion and whatever else you can come up with is all about economics. Freud and legions of followers must have been wrong. Christians believe the love of it is the root of all evil, but in Esther/Abraham-Hicks world, it’s much more than that.

The list of things subordinated to economics, in her view, is endless. Love, war, spirituality, community, family, nutrition–basically, everything is a subset of economics.

Having spoken these specific teachings of Abraham publicly seven years ago and showing her commitment to the principals by doing anything, from going over Niagara Falls in a barrel to pivoting her husband, Jerry Hicks’ unsuccessful battle with cancer into a marketing device, she has every right to be miffed at being taken to task for it.

After all, Abraham got this wisdom directly from God, Esther Hicks said it (interpreting Abraham’s block of thought on the subject), and she has faithfully lived it.

“Every bit of it is about economics,” she declared, over seven years ago, and there has been no flip-flopping from Esther Hicks on her relentless focus on the money.