Etched Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Are you wanting to make your kitchen look great with etched kitchen cabinet doors? Well in this article I’ll discuss a few things to know about these types of doors and give you some tips on how to get them in your own kitchen.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you just like the etched look or if you actually want real etched glass in your kitchen. You need to decide this because there are a lot of imitation products out there that give the etched look, but are in fact not etched.

Real etched Glass

Etching is a method that adds designs to class by removing the top layer of the glass. This is done using different abrasives and air pressure. The designs made with etching are permanent, they will not chip or peel over time. The abrasive is sprayed over the surface which scratches the glass in the design you want.

Imitation Etching

Imitation etching involves the use of plastic instead of glass, using a cream to etch the glass, using a vinyl appliqué or some type of decal. These techniques give a similar appearance to real etching, but may not hold up to close scrutiny or may peel or fade over time. They can be a good inexpensive design choice however, particularly if you think you may want to change the look again in the future rather than have permanent etching.

Mass Produced Vs. Custom Glass

Mass produced glass is inserts that are made in standard sizes to fit in standard cabinets. These typically work well with new cabinet installations when you can match up the glass sizes with the new cabinets to ensure everything fits well together.

Custom etched glass becomes necessary if you’re trying to work with existing or older cabinets that may not be standard size or that you’re converting to have a glass insert when they did not before. Obviously the custom glass is usually more expensive, but it’s a much better option in these scenarios.

Where to purchase?

Your best bet for etched cabinet doors is usually a specialty cabinet maker rather than one of the national big box home improvement chains. The high-end etched glass is somewhat of a specialty market so there’s no reason for the big box retailers to have them in stock or have staff who are knowledgeable about them.
Do a search in your local area to locate a specialty shop near you. They’ll be able to educate you and get you set up with the perfect etched kitchen cabinet doors for your home.