Eternal Lovers Light and Dark

The concept of eternal lovers can be described and contextualized in two essentially different ways.There are those who exist in darkness to play out their love relationship, and those who exist in the light.

There are many famous vampire stories about eternal lovers who live in darkness together for eternity. Anne Rice opened Pandora’s box on vampires with some beautiful literature about characters who played out dark love stories in pairs that accompanied one another throughout their immortality.

And of course, the Twilight books series carried on with the same inherent theme.

Eternal lovers on the dark side enjoy a relationship filled with tragedy, loss, and heart break. People love to read about the dark side of love, so those on the dark side have historically made great characters in books, stories, movies, myths and urban legends. Everyone loves a good story about eternal lovers with a dark twist.

Soul mates are a good example of eternal lovers living on the light side, so to speak, or with a spirtualized connection. Stories of soul mates are uplifting, inspiring, and carry the message of hope and everlasting life. Through one another, Spiritual Soul Mates discover the root of the presence of God as lover. While in the material flesh, soul mates who are eternal lovers are subject to the cycle of birth and death, and thus they are subject to the losing and finding of one another. The cycle of birth and death includes amnesia and all the limitations of identification with form. It takes a relationship with God or higher awareness, however ones wants to define it, in order to be released from the binding of the conditioned material world.

Eternal lovers who see that God is acting as a lover within the relationship and recognize the everlasting nature of the soul are able to be together in the afterlife of celestial realms. Spritual devotees are examples of groups of soul mates who transcend the material in order to serve God in the spiritual sky.

Edgar Cayce did a lot of research and written work on the existence of soul mates, and how they exist in the flesh to undo karma and to transcend the material through the experiential realities of love. Cayce has been quoted to say that, “All relationships have a spiritual purpose”. Once duality is transcended, soulmate pairs can move beyond the physical world and exist together in the celestial afterlife.

Epicera is a series of books about soulmates on the light side. The first book has been released and is available on Amazon Kindle. Epic and Era are two eternal lovers who live and die many times, in order to be together forever in what they discover is actually the presence of one great love.

Epic Era by Darcie French