European Private Equity firm HIG Europe

HIG Europe is a private equity firm with offices in Paris, London and Hamburg. The company is the European affiliate of leading global private equity company HIG Capital. The company focuses solely on small and mid cap companies and has a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with businesses of those sizes. The company currently has under investment more than 7 billion Euros of equity capital and employs a worldwide team of over 200 investment professionals. The company’s team have unique skills and capabilities that give their portfolio of companies a “can-do” attitude. HIG European currently has 6 Managing Directors including Paul Canning and Matthias Allgaier who work within the UK. The company employs over 200 investment professionals with the European team consisting of over 40 professionals based in offices in London, Hamburg and Paris. The European affiliate has a 600 million Euros fund dedicated exclusively to European private equity investments.

HIG offers its collection of portfolio businesses a range of ways to advance their companies including a broad-base strategic & consulting service focusing on developing and implementing operating movements. The company also provides capital to help increase the portfolio businesses value. HIG’s current investments fall into three areas;

  • Distressed Companies: These will be companies that have sound fundamentals but have underperformed in recent years. These companies may also face operational or strategic changes that affect the business. HIG’s aim is to turn these businesses around to make these companies profitable and organised again.
  • Leveraged Buyouts: These companies have a proven technology or strong brand name as well as a leading market share within their sector.
  • Development Capital: HIG seek partnerships with entrepreneurs that will benefit from added capital and industry relationships to grow and progress their businesses.

Recently the UK team lead by Paul Canning and Matthias Allgaier have helped HIG Capital to acquire AIRCOM. The company are the world’s largest independent provider of network planning. On February 13thit was announced that the company had been acquired by HIG for an undisclosed sum. The network planning company currently provides the top 20 global operators with services to precede their network coverage.

Paul Canning, HIG’s Managing Director, has stated that the company will support AIRCOM in their ambitious growth plans and will bring added firepower to the company to achieve their goals. HIG Capital has a full pipeline of activity and following their recent acquisition of Silent night, is expected to announce even more closed deals over the coming months.