Evening Primrose Oil Benefits for Health

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If one were to ask me what is the most amazing discovery in term of prevention and cure? I would say it was evening primrose oil benefits. Evening primrose oil is the oil which is derived from the seed of the evening primrose plant. Over the years, the evening primrose oil is being used to treat various ailments which are of varying degrees. Many at times it is used by various doctors in various medical treatments. It has been said that the evening primrose oil was used by doctors and hakims from early times. Throughout history, the kings, warriors and even women have been making use of the evening primrose oil.

What makes the evening primrose oil so beneficial?

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Evening Primrose Oil is said to consist of high levels of a certain fatty acid known as the GLA. This fatty acid is known to have amazing healing properties. It is said that only the evening primrose plant is the plant which contains high levels of this remarkable fatty acid. Only a few other plants have this fatty acid. This has given the evening primrose plant as the title of being one of the most important and vital medicinal herb. Scientists and researchers have found a long list of benefits which are assumed would become even longer.

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits for Health, Seekyt

Key Evening Primrose Oil Benefits for Health and Wellness

The evening primrose oil (derived from the seed of the plant) has a lot of benefits such as that it can act as a pain killer. This is because it consists of phenylalanine which is known as a pain relieving compound. This helps in treating migraines and chronic headaches.
On the other hand, the evening primrose oil is also been used to treat aging problems such as heart and liver diseases, acne, hyperactivity, menopause and even extreme ailments such as schizophrenia. Evening primrose oil benefits have been so effective and contain so many qualities that many herbalists and doctors recommend it on a daily basis.

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits for Depression

Although many use Evening Primrose Oil to treat a wide range of symptoms that can accelerate depression such as hot flashes and night sweats related to using evening primrose oil to treat PMS (premenstrual syndrome), studies are inconclusive of the actual benefits. There have been small studies, including a clinical trial with only 56 subjects who participated in a study to evaluate treatment for hot flashes. At a dosage of 3 to 6 grams of a commercial form of EPO, studies were inconclusive compared to results of those given a placebo.

Skin and Hair benefits of evening primrose oil

Eczema: there are some cases in which eczema occurs when the body has issues converting the dietary fats into GLA. To battle this, if one makes use of evening primrose oil, the patient would be getting supplemental GLA. Some scientists and researchers go as fa as saying that this oil can be better than placebos in terms of relieving inflammation, itching, oozing, and flaking. The evening primrose oil is a natural remedy and is far better than intake of steroid related drugs which harm the skin and body in the long run.

Nourishment for nails, scalp, and hair: it is a known fact that fatty acids are important for healthy nails, hair and scalp. Since evening primrose oil consists of essential fatty acids it helps in treating various hair related issues and can enhance hairs, scalp and nails.

Inhibit withdrawal symptoms: evening primrose contains GLA which prods the brain into producing prostaglandin E, whose job is to avoid any withdrawal symptoms such as seizures by protecting the liver and nervous system indirectly.

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Evening Primrose Oil Benefits for Health, Seekyt
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