Evergreen Tips to Revamp Your Property

Your home/property is something that you’ve bought with a heavy investment after struggling hard to attain such financial budget. Everyone dreams to have their house decorated in a way to make it look unique among others. Apart from this, when reselling a real estate or property in Qatar, you need to renovate or simply clean it up thoroughly so that interested buyers may be willing to pay more. Here’re some useful tips to help beautify your home within budget.

Where & How to Start With Painting?
The best way to start revamping your house is by painting it. Buy some canisters of bright yet decent color paint that appeals a viewer. Begin painting from a room that needs more renovation or is in need of serious makeover. Remember that paint cans are a bit costly and a one time investment that lasts for years so choose wisely. To give the walls a more lustrous glow, apply oil paint which when dries shine brilliantly.

Is Applying Curtain to the Windows Necessary?
Although you have a blind covering your window, it’s better to place a curtain atop them for a keener aesthetic look. There’s a vast variety of curtains and heavy drapes available in market which you can purchase according to your budget and color combination of the room. For a large room with light paint, thin curtains of soft color are preferred but it all depends on your choice.
Can you Reuse Old Furniture?
When it comes to furniture, there’s no need to buy all new when you can reuse the old one. Simply check the condition of the older furniture, if it’s in good order, a simple tic tack and layer of paint will make it as good as new, then why waste money on new items.
Kitchen hangings, sofa sets, small sitting tables are some common items which can be utilized after a proper alteration. If the outlook of your furniture is good, simply have it decorated with a fancy cloth to make it look new.

Should you Hire Someone for the Job?
Being creative and a do it yourself spirit will help you save additional cost. It’s recommended that simple and easy tasks like sewing pillows, beading bedsheets to make them look fancy, self made arts and craft for wall décor are some that you can do personally. Still, if you’re busy with other work, you can always ask for assistance from a friend or hire someone.

How About Applying Fancy/Dramatic Lighting?
For a more awesome look, you can apply inexpensive, self made fancy coverings over lights and bulbs similar to the lamp cap. Carve them out out of hard sheet so they won’t get deteriorated when exposed closed to hot bulbs. You can always use Christmas and rope lights for beautiful illumination.

Should you Purchase a Floor Covering?
Depending on the type of floor, you can purchase a suitable rug or a small carpet as a décor. Making a home made rug is a great option as well as an innovative way to utilize old clothes like t-shirts and bedsheets. You can place this home made colorful piece of carpet for keeping bathroom slippers, as a doormat, or simply in the drawing/living room for fancy decoration.
If you’re planning to resell your home, simply follow the above easy steps to give it a more magnificent look. Once done with all the steps, you can list your home with Qatar property and real estate.