Everything you should know about Bubblews

I know you will be expecting the answers to all of your questions regarding Bubblews. Your expectations may exceed if you are a member at bubblews. Let’s start with a brief description about the website.

Bubblews is a new website that allows its members to post articles and earn revenue on it. But the revenue sharing model that Bubblews follows is completely different in comparison from any other revenue sharing websites. Other revenue sharing websites want you to have an approved Adsense account in order to get the revenue share on your articles. While, on Bubblews, you need not to have an Adsense account in order to earn revenue. Bubblews pays you on the amount of exposure your posts get.

On Bubblews, you will get paid 1 cent for each page view, each like and each comment that your posts get. Although it is not mentioned on the website, you get $1 just for signing up on the website. If you have huge number of connections on Bubblews, you can easily earn a dollar in just a few minutes after posting an article.
Is Bubblews a legitimate website?

Well, the concept of the website unique but, real. They can easily give you the revenue share that they promise to give. There are a lot of people on Bubblews who are getting paid every third day. They are receiving that money in their Paypal account too. So, the website is legal and 100% legitimate.

Ways to make more money on Bubblews

As a new member, people find it difficult to earn from Bubblews. They struggle a lot to earn and reach the minimum redemption threshold. They just keep on posting articles and don’t get enough views and likes. This creates some negativity in their mind. So, if you want to earn more on Bubblews, you must follow some simple rules.

  • In the beginning, post around 3 to 5 articles. After that, try to increase your connections. The more connections will result in more likes, page views and comments. Post daily once you have more than 200 connections.
  • Don’t post your articles immediately on after the other. There should be at least a 1 hour gap between two posts. This is because people on Bubblews get a lot of notifications every minute. So, they will only be able to read your latest post. While they are reading one of your post, the notification of the immediate second post may be lost in the bundle of other notifications.
  • Try to like and comment on others’ posts. This will allow the people to know you and they will get a hint about you whenever they see a notification regarding your posts.
  • Share your posts on Facebook, so that they get even more exposure.

Why Bubblews don’t pay some of their members?

I have heard from a lot of members that they are still waiting for their first payment. On the other hand, there are some members too who have got paid more than 30 times on Bubblews. The website gives excuses like they don’t have sufficient staff to process your payment requests on time. So, if you are not getting paid on Bubblews, it is better to leave that site for a while. Once, you have your payments cleared, you can again get back to the website. It is not an intelligent step to post a lot of articles and get nothing in return. Be wise and use your instincts.

Does Bubblews really share 50% revenue with its members?

Well, the answer to this question will clearly be “No”. You can easily understand the reason behind this. You just get 1 cent for each like, view and comment. Suppose if you click on an ad, Bubblews will get a commission between $0.1 and $1. But, what you are getting; only one cent. Bubblews use Google ads and Tribal fusion ads. These two ad networks do pay well for a website where traffic is huge. So, Bubblews is taking away the major portion of the revenue. Clearly it is not 50-50 revenue sharing model.