News Evil Innate; some people really can't help themselves

Evil Innate; some people really can't help themselves


When Rivkah came to work for Mr. Cole she told him she could not stay late on Friday. Not that she was going to leave early, as quitting time was 4:30, she only needed to leave at 4:30.

The first weeks were without problem, then, on a Friday, Mr. Cole demanded she accompany him to a funeral. She knew, in the back of her mind, that he was not going to insure that she was released by 4:30 despite his blandishments.

Because of this, she did not put herself at his mercy and was able to leave him and go where she would. However, it was clear at 4:15 when she told him the time, that his purpose was not in going to the funeral but in going to the funeral with her so that she could not leave until he was ready.

For those who have never been exposed to someone like Cole this sounds like the ravings of a paranoid schizophrenic; for those who have been ‘at the mercy’ of Cole, this is par for the course.

There are many people who really are gratuitously evil like Cole because it proves their ‘control’.

Persons who have this kind of inferiority complex need to prove they are in control. The easiest way is to find out something that is important to another and withhold it or somehow destroy it.

Telling a cleaner that this vase is a heirloom almost insures its damage. Telling a person like Cole that a particular day can not be a ‘stay late’ is an invitation.

To manage a person like Cole, when he is your boss, you must know how to sneak out, how to be away from your desk, how to take very late lunches and not come back.

Over time, Cole will realise that it would be another proof of his inferiority to try to stop Rivkah from leaving at 4:30 and will back off. In some cases, he might even send her home early to prove his power.

Don’t think it is mis-reading or being paranoid. It isn’t. There are people like Cole who need to hurt others to feel better about themselves.

Evil Innate; some people really can't help themselves
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