Evolution And God, And The Starship To New Earth NOW

The subject of Evolution and God is very controversial, even more so than the Theory Of Evolution itself. According to Evolution as described by Charles Darwin,Evolition is a blind, purposeless process, entirely without God. I am a professional biological scientist, and I believe that this interpretation of Evolution is wrong. I have written and published a KDP ebook on the subject. You are invited to read it.

Evolution And God nice cover only $2.99

Natural law governs the universe and everything in it, including Evolution. The nature of natural law determines how the life process operates and manifests itself. This being the case, Evolution is actually guided and directed by natural law. To have direction you need a director. In this book I dare to call the director by its ancient, time honored name, God. This will no doubt offend many, but I do it anyway, because in this book I seek not popularity, but the truth.

Then Evolution is actually full of God. Just like the conditions for life itself, as manifested in natural law. Consider gravity. Gravity keeps everything on the Earth’s surface, it keeps the Earth in its orbit about the Sun, and it keeps the Sun from exploding. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? There are many such examples, all of which indicate purpose.

Human Evolution has been very successful, we are the apex predators on this world. But how long will this last- where is human Evolution taking us? The development of atomic bombs, and their stockpiling in anticipation of WW3, raises grave questions regarding the future of humanity. I have written and KDP published an ebook that explains and describes a practical solution to this problem. The practical solution is colonizing other, Earth type worlds. You are invited to read it.

Starship To New Earth NOW nice cover only $2.99

There are many Earth type worlds out there, it is only necessary to go there and claim them. The book tells how. My email address is in the back, and I like to hear from readers.

Phil Duke Ph.D.