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Evolution of the human character

The nature of human character

Let’s think for a moment

It happens most likely after some sort of suffering, but I was thinking about a baby. I think a baby has surprising character to begin with, but I think it gets lost along the way when growing up. Not because of the spoon feeding and so on, but because of how society softens the will over time, by keeping you in your comfort zone.

The reason why I’m so sure of this is because it becomes a breeding ground for fear and insecurities and that sort. That is, softening the will and keeping you comfortable. I often wonder how my character now compares to when I was born, it might sound weird but I think I had more to start with.

We’re still lost in this madness

A baby knows little fear, it’s secure and trusting (in a good way but not foolishly) it has amazing character and I don’t think I have as many qualities as a new born. So we’re sort of given this when we’re born, and it somehow fades away as we mature, but then starts to grow again.

As though it evolves from a seed midway in life, it has to be that way because everything in life is like that, with perhaps only some exceptions in our character.

I think that’s why I think some religions are pro-child-like-faith. Not foolish, but probably have the character like a child, the innocent child.


Drunk on mindful juices

So after a bit of life, it’s clear how pain or suffering is like water to this seed… or maybe not. More like chemotherapy, because character either breaks down giving up hope, or it gets stronger and evolves into something more powerful. Should we be glad about the fact that we get these chemo-like doses in life? Can our character evolve without it? Perhaps, but I don’t think it is likely. Obviously it didn’t have to be that way when we think about our birth.

I wouldn’t think twice if I could get this sort of gold without a price, human character. Most people either don’t want it, don’t know how to get it, or think it’s not important. But that’s obvious when you starting thinking about how you can change the world and suddenly you find yourself alone. Can’t imagine what it must be like in the heat of it all, meaning doing such a thing alone, given that people flee from all directions when you even begin to talk about it.

It’s certain if we want to change this planet we need character, it comes with price. Does it have to come with a price? I don’t know, probably not, but should we sit hoping for that sort of thing to happen? No. Questions, and I bet this is all confusing for some, but that’s because it’s come out of my insanely weirdly thinking mind. Then again, this is for me and I really don’t mind if you read it, you might find something helpful or interesting enough to pass by some time.
All I know is that, some people are inspirational when it comes to character. It would have been nice to have spent more time with them, and appreciation for their personhood.

So long friends.

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