Exactly what are the clear braces

Clear braces such as the clearliners from clearline ortho are a disguised method of getting tooth alignment treatment without having to make use of the standard metallic braces, in its place the clearliners use clear plastic trays that are created using a mould of the teeth so they’re an ideal match for the teeth and are made to fulfill your needs as they’re different for each person who uses them.

Clear braces use a chain of the plastic trays over the course of the treatment to carefully drive your teeth in to their precise positions. The plastic and ceramic utilized in the manufacture of the trays guarantees that the treatment is far more comfortable than the more conventional metallic braces since clearliners are smooth to the touch implying that these braces not like the metallic ones won’t cause irritation or ulcers within the mouth if you wear them.

The clear braces are made so that they are easily detachable and the main reason of this is so that the user finds it simpler to keep good oral hygiene as they could just slide it out if they need to brush their teeth or even floss after taking a meal. This also ensures that the patient is free to consume whatever they please as they don’t have to stress over the braces having food particles wedged in them. Also cleaning the braces is simple too because you can simply take them out and rinse them. There have even been cases where some of the users have reported weight reduction from using the braces as they didn’t want to have to take the braces off for munchies and such.

The treatment begins with the dentist taking a scan of the teeth in order to arrange a 3D image of the teeth that may be moved about and rotated. This image is needed then to create a mould for your braces that you’re going to be receiving and unlike with the metallic braces, it is possible to actually see what your smile will seem like by the end of the treatment on the screen.

Through the course of the treatment you don’t have to go to the dentist unless you wish to check up on the progress but needless to say it is an option not an obligation as you just have to replace the clear braces after every two weeks or so with a fresh set you receive. The treatment period for clearliners is half that of the metallic braces and the fact that they’re disguised makes them the perfect treatment for individuals of all ages who wish to avoid being seen with metallic braces.