Examining Corporate Donations to Charity – Supporting Tax Exempt Companies By the Billions

When it comes to corporate donations to charity, these are often considered the lifeblood of keeping charitable organizations operating year after year. When it comes to corporate donations to charity, however, many of the same organizations lead the list year after year, while other corporations who make billions barely contribute a tenth of a percentage. So what corporations are out there that routinely donate money back into their community? And does knowing this change your opinion about shopping there or utilizing their services?

Walmart Leads Corporate Donations to Charity

Year after year Walmart pumps hundreds of millions of dollars back into local economies with corporate donations to charity. In fact, many stores keep track of what money they contribute locally and to what organizations. In fact, Walmart is often the #1 contributor of corporate donations to charity, routinely averaging around $300 million in total donations. No matter what you think about the discount retailing giant, they are helping their communities out year after year in providing educational opportunities while combating disease and hunger.

Exxon Mobile Is Consistently in the Top 10 of Corporate Donations to Charity

They get hammered year after year because they have huge profits thanks to speculating futures on the oil market, yet Exxon Mobile is also consistently in the Top 10 of corporate donations to charity year after year. They stress donations toward educational opportunities so that worldwide, those who are in need and would normally not receive a quality education have the opportunity to do so and make an impact on tomorrow’s world. It should also be noted that in an economic cycle where a vast majority of organizations have reduced the amount of giving to charities by tens of millions in some cases, Exxon Mobile has stayed consistent in supporting charitable causes.

Bank of America Leads the Financial Sector in Corporate Donations to Charity

Much maligned for having terrible customer service and terrible business practices, Bank of America consistently makes the Top 10 of corporate donations to charity year after year and is the leading financial institution in donations. Highly criticized for taking government bailout money, Bank of America still manages a consistent nine figure donation year after year supports the arts, community and local economic development, as well as the development of non-profit organizations.

General Electric Also Makes the Grade

When it comes to community development, General Electric makes an effort to lead in corporate donations to charity, and this allows them to make it to the top of corporate givers year after year. They utilize their diversified holdings to also support general health initiatives in the United States and overseas, as well as conservatism when it comes to environmental issues. Their financial strength through their diversification allows them to consistently give more corporate donations to charity year after year while others are donating less.

Knowing what organizations lead in corporate donations to charity, emphasizing health, safety, education, and community development on a local scale, does it make you think twice about patronizing them?