Examining Why You Give to Charity – Helping Others is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

There are thousands of tax exempt, sometimes called ‘non profit,’ organizations out there who every year ask you for donations, but don’t necessarily talk about why you give to charity or the benefits that occur when you do. Giving your hard earned money away to organizations and people that are less fortunate is just the tip of the iceberg. From tax breaks to micro investing to family sponsorships, the reasons why you give to charity are your own, but giving to charity always gives back to you.

Tax Incentives

Many countries offer some sort of tax credit to your yearly taxes if you donate money, clothing, or other possessions. Now getting something in return isn’t necessarily why you give to charity in the first place, but many governments have recognized the good things that tax exempt organizations do for their society and look to reward those who donate to those organizations so that those good deeds continue to be performed.

Micro Loans

As in getting a tax credit, expecting to earn money is not necessarily why you give to charity. Yet in micro loans, or micro investing, what are small loans for families with average first world death become massively large loans for third world families. In fact, a businesswoman living in a third world nation can run and expand her business for just $150. These loans are then repaid with interest when they can be. Some organizations then simply turn that micro loan into another one, but others turn that micro loan and a portion of the interest made back to you.

Family Sponsorships

The warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help someone in need is often why you give to charity, and nothing makes you feel good about yourself like helping a family in need. Many organizations offer sponsorship packages for less than $40 per month that will provide food, clothing, shelter, schooling, and medical care, along with options for private donations in order to further help a family in need. Getting personal letters from those whom you have helped is always a great feeling.

Help Your Own Community

Sometimes why you give to charity is because you simply need to help out your own community. Whether it is a local church and their benevolence fund or a local teen organization helping at-risk youth, local donations still count as local dollars spent, meaning a donation locally is like shopping locally – it helps your local economy.

Whatever your reason why you give to charity, what matters the most is that you do so with a cheerful heart – kindness given is generally kindness received, so remember to give generously so that those around you may be benefitted and have the opportunity to return your kindness in kind.