Example for students on how to do a film outline based on psychology using Batman Unmasked

This is an example of how students can complete film outlines based around psychology. It helps students with those type of papers, whether for psychology or film studies, to start their paper. Of course the student would need prior knowledge on the psychologists and their psychological theories. I used the documentary Batman Unmasked because it is directly related to psychology. I used the information from the film and my own knowledge to complete the outline. Any film can be used for this.

Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight

Aired on The History Channel in 2008

Schuylar Langston


Batman was created by Bob Kane.

Batman debuted in Detective Comics in 1939.

Batman became progressively darker since his introduction.

He was inspired by Zorro and The Shadow.

Notion of choice –

Good versus evil, life versus death.

A bat appearing in Bruce Wayne’s study gave birth to Batman.

Psychology within Batman stories-

Batman is a plausible character psychologically.

Security is temporary and fragile.

Trauma can enforce growth – Batman training, superhero.

Goals can pass to another generation – Thomas Wayne to Bruce Wayne.

Afraid of bats + bat costume = exposure to try to overcome anything.

Death of parents = sense of purpose.

Who is the real person? – Bruce Wayne or Batman?

Turning negative into positive – bats portrayed in history as evil beings.

Fear of love – Loved ones can be hurt.

Supervillain Psychological Disorders-

Two-Face has dissociative identity disorder.

Riddler has obsessive compulsive disorder and is narcissistic.

Scarecrow has an intense need to be recognized.

Joker is sadistic and loves pain against himself and others.

Psychologist Perspectives-

Carl Jung – Battle between acceptable and unacceptable (Batman operates outside of the law and society, but has good moral views).

Carl Jung – Hero complex.

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