Examples of Funeral Thank You Notes

This article provides some examples of funeral thank you notes. Wording funeral thank you notes can be challenging and confusing. In times of grief the words to put down as funeral thank you note may not be easily available. Fortunately, a majority of people appreciate gratitude no matter what has been written in the thank you note. There are certain examples of funeral thank you notes that one can use as guidelines. The format and words vary depending on whether the note is addressed to service providers, clergy, pallbearers or donors.

For services, one can write:

Thank you for the baby sitting, food, flower etc. I really appreciate your support at such difficult times.

Just a note to thank you for the beautiful flowers, I know that Eliza would have loved them. We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness during this difficult time.

I can’t adequately express how much we thank you for the expressions of sympathy and all the assistance you provided to our family during our time of sorrow. We are deeply thankful for your support and friendship.

Kindly let me express my appreciation for the wonderful food you prepared. You are truly a good friend and neighbor.

For attendance, one could write:

Thank you for attending Eliza’s memorial service. You really meant a lot to her and she spoke often of you. Please know that your kindness, support and generosity mean a lot to the family at this moment.

For participation, the following can be written:

Thank you for your speech during Brian’s service. We appreciate you taking your time to share your deepest memories of Brian with family and friends. You truly comforted everyone present with your words.

To the clergy:

The funeral service you gave comfort to everyone who was present. Your soothing and inspiring words brought comfort to everyone in attendance. We truly appreciate your services.

For those who made donations the note could go like:

Your donation to the Hospice Fund was a perfect remembrance to Brian’s generous spirit. Thank you for the special memorial.

Thank you for your generous donation in Brian’s honor. Your kindness is much appreciated.

Thank you for the generous gift following Brian’s death. Your assistance made the financial load light for the family. We can’t adequately express how grateful we are. Your generosity will always be remembered.

The following are examples of funeral thank you notes for a general audience:

The Hudsons wish to express their sincere acknowledgment of the many expressions of kindness, love and deep support shown to them during this moment of sorrow. May God bless and keep you.

The family of the late Brian Hudson greatly appreciates your expressions of sympathy in their time of loss. Your efforts and support were greatly appreciated. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.

The family wants to express their deep gratitude for all the kindness, support and positive gestures bestowed upon them in this moment of grief. May God bless you.

Funeral thank you notes should generally be short and can be written by a member of the bereaved family or a person outside the family who acts as the family’s representative.