Excessive Workplace Texting: Here Are Your Options

The results of a survey done on 500 employees in the United States came up with shocking facts that raised serious concerns for employers. In the survey, it was found that companies lose $10 million every year due to lower productivity of employees. It was also revealed that text messaging and use of social media distract employees from work, which results in waste of time. Even though we cannot generalize the results of this study, we can at least make an effort to stop employees from texting at workplace. Follow these steps to stop employees from excessive texting at workplace without attracting too much hatred.

186476882*800xx2229-1254-0-47Install a Text Message Spy App

Some jobs require employees to interact with the customers, business partners or other people through smartphones. The employees sometimes misuse this privilege by using the smartphones for personal purposes. If you want to make sure that your employees are not wasting time sending texts to kids or partners during working hours, then installing a text message spy app on the device is strongly recommended. These apps provide you with text message history, along with the contact numbers of text sender and receiver. You can analyze your employee’s performance fluctuations with the help of reports generated by these apps.

Develop Policy against Texting at Workplace

Employees these days are aware of their rights, and they do not feel shy going to court if they think that their rights are not given to them. It is not legally allowed to jam the telecom devices in a few regions, so never use an illegal method to stop texting. Instead, come up with a policy against texting. The policy should clearly state rules for using smartphones and consequences of going against the policy. For instance, you may develop a policy of using cell phones during lunch breaks only. Tell the employees that they will be closely monitored and that three warnings will be given to them, after which they will not be allowed to use cell phone in the office. Some employers specially hire human resource experts to develop texting or internet use policy, but they fail to implement it. If you cannot punish the employees as per the rules stated in the policy, then it’s advised that you do not set those rules in the first place, as it will give a wrong message to the employees about the management.

Keep Employees Busy

Honestly speaking, all of us text at workplace as it is an easiest and cheapest mode of communication. We text our partner that we reached office safely, or we have an extra shift to do today, or we will not be able to pick children up from school, etc. This is normal, but when the texting goes too far, it becomes intolerable. If all of any of your employees are frequently seen texting, then it means that they are not given enough work. Increase their workload and set strict standards when it comes to productivity and quality of work so that they remain busy and cannot get time to use smartphones for texting, calling or other purposes.